Incredible Vegan Strawberry Dessert Recipes You NEED to Try!


Got strawberries? Today I’m sharing 3 tasty plant-based recipes that highlight one of my favorite summer berries! Full recipes are linked below.
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  1. First, yes to the lighting with you sitting outdoors I love it. I haven’t seen you in so long but when I was first starting out your videos have helped me a ton. I’m so happy for your glow and glow up! Congratulations for your love for what you do and your consistency ❤️

  2. I want to make those strawberry sugar cookies with my crush who is lactose and gluten intolerant. I would love to know a good vegan ice cream recipe because she loves ice cream. My biggest struggle is texture because there is little fat in most lactose free milks. I did find a lactose free whipping cream but it was $5 for a half pint so not ideal but worth it for my crush. Let me know what ideas you have.

  3. Took my kids strawberry picking yesterday! We have at least 5 lbs but more like 7 lbs of strawberries. Took me an hour to clean, chop, and bag them up. But we have gone through a lb in less than 24 hours. 🤣 Definitely trying the strawberry rhubarb crisp. Thanks for giving so many fun options! 🍓🤩

  4. Those doughnuts look so good!! Definitely want to try those and the cookies. Thank you for sharing these!

    One of my favorite strawberry desserts is strawberry sorbet!
    It’s super easy: for every pound of frozen fruit, you blend it with 1/2 cup simple syrup.

    To make the simple syrup, just dissolve on the stovetop equal parts sugar and water (or any other type of liquid! I love using pomegranate juice and I’ve also even used vodka).
    Just put the frozen fruit and simple syrup in a blender until smooth, and then freeze overnight.

    You can use any type of fruit, but strawberry might just be my favorite! It’s so tasty and refreshing on a hot day. 🍓