Incredible Healthy Recipes For Everyday & Holidays – Hummus, Nut Butters, Ice Cream, Celery Juice


Join AW for The Medical Medium Cooking Show in making four different kinds of hummus, including garbanzo bean, black bean, cannellini bean and lentil hummus, along with three types of nut butters (cashew, walnut and almond), ice cream and celery juice. These healthy recipes are both for every day, for the holidays or for parties.

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  1. I also love to do that with lettuce boats and kale boats!! so yummy 🥰PS my omega MM1500 is the best purchase I have ever made!! I love it so much. I am going to make these hummus for my grandparents 60th wedding anniversary next month – we have to bring a plate of food and I would be honoured to make such clean incredible food for my family 🥰 thank you AW & SOC, sending so much love to you both, and you know I am forever grateful for you both ❤

  2. Thank you MM and SOC for helping me recovery from V-injury and long haul. I've been sick for a year now, and finally starting to feel significantly better! I cannot thank you enough for helping me find my faith again. You are truly a light in the darkness. Much love to you and everything that you do for the sick!

  3. Hi Aw just to let you know that the 25% off sale foe omega juicers do apply to the MM1500, MM900, or MM400, this per Omega themselves. I reached out to because the discount code would not work with the Mm1500 that I wanted to purchase. I very upset it’s being promoted that they are ALL on sale but they are not!

  4. Oh my goodness… I am Over the Moon with delight! Both Brain Saver books have finally been released as audiobooks!!! I knew it might take a little extra time due to the length of the books and they are finally here. Yay! 🎉🎉🎉
    Thank you thank you thank you 🙏😀
    Audible sent me a notice since I follow you AW on Audible and I immediately purchased them and have downloaded the first book already… Will start listening today! I have the hardcover books also but it is much easier on my eyes to listen to the books in completion on audio and Sarah Coomes is an excellent narrator. So grateful & excited! 🙏🙏🙏
    Blessings & Love 💜

  5. when you're dehydrated, you're more prone to anxiety/heart palpitations etc staying hydrated stops those issues. Excema and psoriasis are dry skin dissorders that come and go, staying hydrated prevents outbreaks, and getting hydrated clears it up… celery juice is 90% water, some protein and fiber/carbohydrate… it has vitamin c (not special vitamin c like this crook claims) you people are drinking more water and eating healthy..thats it… you're all gullible morons giving a fucking con artist your money.

  6. Went to print off MM holiday recipe cards to send in my holiday cards to friends, family.and.clients. The recipes took up 2/4 full pages rather than index card size. Maybe in future years, you could condense down so we can enclose an MM recipe to those who are not open to your books yet?

  7. Dear Anthony Williams,

    I have a question about whether cats and dogs can eat organic eggs and milk. Will this food also feed the virus in their body? As I thought they have a different digested system as you said as compared to humans, so they need to eat the meat, plus wild animals also eat eggs to survive sometimes. Can all the protocols used on humans be used for cats, dogs, and other pets?

    Many thanks and all the best!