I went refined sugar free for 10 days


HMMMM, much to think about hahaha. As I said, if you don’t think this will be a good video for you and is something you may struggle with, don’t watch this one, I will be back on Monday with a different video or you can watch my vlog channel: @Extra Grack
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  1. My report:

    I'm on day 10 without sugar (only carbs found in pasta or rice).

    I used to eat almost 200g of refined sugar every day (coca cola, chocolates, chips etc) my whole life.

    I am feeling much better, with more energy, less stress, easier to concentrate, better performance in sports, I have lost almost 2 kilos and even my skin is better.

    However, on the fourth day I had a panic attack as I have never been without sugar for more than 24 hours in my life. It was just a scare, because my body didn't "know" what it was like to live without sugar.

    I'll continue trying for more 20 days and looking foward for even better results!

  2. Interesting you say life it too short but how do you think a diabetic feels?
    Often you eat vegan and dairy free due to your reaction to dairy so imagine a life of a diabetic who literally cannot eat sugar or even many natural sugars and carbs. ?? Food for thought- pun intended!

  3. Sweeteners have got a bad wrap, with people claiming they are carcinogenic, or lead to diabetes, etc.
    This is simply untrue.
    The reason people are confused about these sweeteners, is because the data provided regarding testing on sweeteners, have mostly been done on people who already have diabetes, heart disease, or precursors for poor sugar metabolism.
    Chemical and alcohol sweeteners are not harmful in small quantities.
    Evidence contrary to this fact, usually comes from studies where HUGE amounts of sweetener is given to mice or other animals, in relation to their body weight.
    You wouldn’t eat a gallon of undiluted sweetener per day.
    In fact, the amount of artificial industrial artificial sweetener needed to sweeten a tank full of carbonated water, is about 2-3 drops.
    On the contrary, in order to sweeten the same amount of water, with sugar, it’s a 2:1 ratio or higher (that means, if you’re drinking a can of coke, you’re literally drinking half a cup of sugar with it. In fact, they have to add a special chemical to coke, to make sure you don’t vomit from the amount of sugar that you’re consuming, at such a fast rate.

    Just like everything else, chemical and alcohol sweeteners are fine in moderation.
    For people like me, who can’t have sugar, they are a life saver, and make a sugar free lifestyle more than just bearable 😊

  4. I love when people like you make honest videos about safe experimental nutrition (with the proper disclaimers) because it gives a realistic view of what shopping and consuming certain foods (or lack there of) looks like! How often do we hear "oh everything has sugar in it now and days" and most of us roll our eyes and go "yeah!", and then when it comes to food shopping we only look for the very obvious and well know signs of sugar, but we don't see the hidden sugars and ingredients that may sometimes be a step up from straight sugar, but can still not be healthy.

  5. I had to do this for a year when I was 11. At the time it was almost impossible to find diabetic friendly foods, but I must say it completed changed my world.
    Obviously, being doctor ordered the health benefits were why I was forced to do it (imagine being a child and having no sugar! Couldn't even eat carrots because they have a high level of sugar compared to most other veg) but in general I do recall feeling just generally mentally stronger. The moment I was allowed to go back to a normal, non-restricted diet my weight gain was quite strong which was fine as I was a child but the lethargy definitely was the most obvious.
    In the end, I no longer craved sweets and such as often and this has been a general pattern in my adult life, too.
    Seems silly, but just cutting down on sugar is amazing for your health and even better for your mental efficacy. Fruit and veg have more than enough sugar in them such that you're not being overly restrictive of it in a n unhealthy way. Just recommend it strongly if you feel lethargic and are struggling with migraines.
    PS. I see no issue with having desserts and sweets etc. I will have them when I crave them. Just wrth noting that BALANCE is important, especially if like me you had hypoglycemia or anything that cuold lead to serious health issues.