I tried every kind of CHUNKY Campbell’s Soups… Best & Worst! Chili Mac, Cheesy Potato, and MORE!


JOIN MY MEMBERSHIP! y’all i decided to try every single kind of chunky campbell’s soup i could find at the store and there were a lot! i tried chicken noodles, chili mac, and a bunch of others!! let me know what other foods you guys want me to review! thank you for watching! #food FOLLOW ME! twitter: instagram: WATCH MY OTHER FOOD REVIEW VIDEOS! I ate Entenmann’s WHOLE MENU… Best & Worst! Cakes, Donuts, Cookies Taste Test! I ate ONLY Subway for a WEEK… the whole menu I tried every kind of HAMBURGER HELPER… BEST & WORST – Taste Test REVIEW! DOMINO’S vs. PIZZA HUT – Full Menu Restaurant Taste Test! .





  1. Thanks so much for this review. I am. like your sister and into the canned beef stew. Literally one of the only processed foods I eat. Don't know why. When I cook the Chunky Pot Roast soup I take out the meat (usually 8 chunks) and give it to my dogs and just eat the veggies and broth. Not bad. Not homemade but not bad. So I don't have to take 4 hours to make a roast and I get my fix. This review was so much fun. I see those soups and always wonder what they look like. This is my 5th visit to your channel so I guess I need to subscribe.!❤️

  2. the best from all the soups I like the gumbo soup at first and my second choice I like is the chicken noodle soup I always eat that with my grilled cheese sandwhich or my ham and lettuce sandwhich for lunch everyday in life campbells soup is the best soup to eat when its cold or warm day in life or when you are sick with a cold flu in life