I take cucumber and make a brilliant Salad! A delicious, easy and healthy recipe!


I take cucumber and make a brilliant Salad! A delicious, easy and healthy recipe!
If you don’t have time at all, This easy creamy cucumber salad will always help you. this salad combines crisp cucumbers and sweet red onions with fresh sour cream that will have you begging for more. This easy salad with tomatoes and cucumbers can be made very quickly for breakfast lunch or dinner without any cooking skills. A little bit of dill is my secret ingredient to make it super fresh and delicious.


Salad Ingredients
Recipe 1
2 Tomatoes
2 English cucumbers
Spring onions
2 tbsp of honey
Black pepper
Salt to taste
Red bell pepper
1 Red onion

Recipe 2
3 Cucumbers
1 tsp of salt
Black pepper
1 red onion
Juice of halt a lemon
Large bunch of dill
½ cup of sour cream or yoghurt
2 tbsp of mayonnaise

Time stamps
0:00 Recipe 1
6:18 Recipe 2

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