I stay away from soups that look like this


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  1. Have you tried the lactose free lines for your creams and milks hun? My partner is actually allergic to lactose and I am intolerant…. We don't like the nut or grain versions but luckily I recently found lactose free. It also works great for my baking and cooking needs without the fall out of lactose one bathroom and two people with issues with it. Haha best wishes and hope this didn't hurt you too terribly.

  2. My worst experience was in middle school in 8th grade. I took a chance and ate cheese pizza for lunch after eating nachos (with very little cheese) all week, and lemme tell you…
    Blowing up the toilet wasn't even the word. My friend had to wait outside for me while I proceeded to drop a liquid nuke in the girls restroom. (I can handle some lactose and dairy, since my lactose intolerance isn't severe, but what really fucks me over is pizza, especially dominos)

  3. I'm not lactose intolerant but I can't drink milk. Heavy cream seems to be better for my gut but skim milk absolutely destroys me. Anything cultured like yogurt or cheese is usually fine but I cannot drink lactose-free milk either. I have no idea what I'm allergic to..So I've just mapped out the "safe" things for me by experimenting and spending a lot of time on the toilet lol

  4. Not lactose intolerant… milk/dairy anaphylactic… like even a hint of anything made from animal milk and I'm reaching for the epinephrine injector and dialing an ambulance. I've had limited success using substitute milks: oat, almond, coconut, cashew, rice – but substitutes for cream is much harder to get hold of where I live.

  5. I’m grown to use dairy substitutes like silk heavy cream. You can always find other alternatives that don’t necessarily alter the taste of the dish. Like recently I came across the brand “Tofutti” and “forager” 🥛