I Quit Sugar For An Entire Year – How My Life Changed


January first of 2020 I decided to see what would happen if I quit added sugar, after having binged on junk food for two weeks. In this video, I share my experience along with some scientific data and the benefits/withdrawal effects of quitting sugar.
After finishing the challenge I’ve decided to continue this lifestyle for the most part, restrict most added sugars in the future. Let me know what you guys think about this challenge or any of your similar experiences in the comments below.

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  1. A 105 year old man named Jack Reynolds boasted that he drank a shot of whiskey every day of his adult life to keep him going. And another story from Texas… "But for Elizabeth Sullivan, a Texas woman who just turned 104, the secret to longevity is Dr Pepper. She’s been drinking three cans a day for about 40 years, she told Forth Worth’s CBS affiliate."

  2. Its been a year for me currently without sugar( or maybe a tiny amount every so on) and recently i decided, because its christmas, that i would try some christmas cookies. I overdid it and my body couldnt handle it. Was literally shaking and laughing the hole time (uncontrollably) after which i had a huge sugar crash.

  3. People should stop believing this bullshit.
    Sugar is just sucrose. Which is glucose and fructose.
    Glucose is something that the body itself produces. It is essential for normal body process.

    The only thing is too much of anything is bad.
    That includes sugar.
    But the belief that sugar itself is something that is innately bad, is wrong.

  4. One benefit I noticed from quitting sugar that I did not expect was:
    I felt this sense of freedom. I started feeling more free from myself rather than being constantly in need of something, that something being sugar. I started feeling like I could do anything, go anywhere, rather than being a slave to my cravings.

    This freedom, and what I would say is true freedom, is something that everyone should experience, cause it is an incredible thing that makes life feel like you're living it.

  5. I love how you called this a "challenge" like its some YouTube, lets see if I can get through this challenge type thing. Bruu I've been on this "diet" my entire life (i'm 23). My mother isn't a crazy health freak but she knows what is a healthy way of eating. Its not just refined sugars (yes sugars, there is more than one type of sugar) its refined foods. the more any food type, like flower for instant, you keep refining it, the worse its for your body.
    basically refining foods turns it into short term energy for your body and when your body isn't doing something that requires that short term energy. it gets turned into fats, to store for later. this is why whole foods is good for you, as it takes longer for your body to turn it into energy, meaning less fats produced. it also means your energy levels throughout the day will always be constant and not have random dead moments, like you do when eating lots of sweats and stuff. (this can easily be shown by kids who eat sweats, have a sugar high, go crazy and then they shutdown at end of the burst)
    Refined sugar is bad for your mental health too. if kids didn't have refined sugar in candy. trust me they would behave way more, because refined sugar is what makes them go crazy.
    (also another thing people get wrong, eating fat in foods doesn't = fat gain on your body. fats are a great source of energy, because of what I just explained. its just stored energy, which is also a short term one. meaning eating fat, like full fat yogurt is actually healthier than eating 0% fat yogurt. stupid ads on Tv who don't have any evidence saying, yes this is healthier for you)

  6. Abstaining from things gives you a special sort of freedom: freedom from an excess of choices, usually bad choices, and common situations like when you're stopped at a gas station.
    There are many excellent things about our modern world, but many of these things when we participate in them habitually, they make us unnaturally sick.

  7. It seems that there is SO much sugar added to almost all of our processed foods, that avoiding it entirely would mean eating only whole fruits, vegetables, grains and meats/fish. Even then, one must look for injected substances, as they inject broths (who knows what's in that?) and other substances to increase the water weight of fresh and frozen poultry, fish and beef. Look on the labels for added chemicals/substances. I was shocked to find sugar in my whole grain/seeded organic chips. Huh? It is also in my organic sliced ham from Aldi's. Do not assume sugar is not in any given processed product, even organic or "healthy." Sugar also appears as many names, so be on the lookout. But my point is that avoiding "added" sugar is only a starting point. Eating a hot dog means sugar in the bread (usually the third or fourth ingredient), sugar in the hot dog, (4th or 5th ingredient), sugar in the ketchup, mayo, relish, and sometimes the mustard. Baked beans with that hot dog? More sugar there than a dish of ice cream. Having it with frozen fries? Fries often have sugar in their ingredients. So at the end of the day, with no "added" sugar and eating a regular diet, we are still consuming many teaspoons of sugar every day. I found it in canned milk along with a chemical additive, and I couldn't figure out why my cat was full of sores and scratching like crazy. Stay with whole foods, and read labels.

  8. I’ve quit sugar for almost 3 months now to get rid of my acne. My acne was super bad and now I have clear skin with only the scars left. I feel amazing too! My hardest part is also when I go home because my family loves sweets, but the moment of satisfaction is not worth the next week of painful acne and bloating! Thanks for sharing.

  9. I started keto diet and intermittent fasting 3 months ago… I’ve lost 23 lbs and my mind is definitely clearer! There is definitely a detox period after 3 days. Cravings are non existent because I replaced sugar with healthy fats. Thanks for this vid!