I Quit Sugar for 30 Days…Here's What Happened


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00:00 – Opening
01:01 – Shopping Sugar Free
02:48 – Early Problems
4:18 – My Diagnosis
5:25 – Athletic Greens
6:32 – New Foods!
8:38 – The Final Week

In this video I quit sugar for 30 days…and Here’s what Happened. Recently I had noticed that I had really developed a sugar habit that had me consuming more added sugar than what was healthy. I watend to do no sugar for 30 days to challenge myself to break my sugar addiction and show how to quit sugar and unhealthy habits. Quitting sugar for 30 days was such an eye opening experience for me, and really helped steer me towards better managing my sugar intake and forming better habits with my diet and eating habits. Hope you like the video!

Have a great week guys! Cheers.





  1. The secret to being super lean and healthy is to simply eat only natural foods (any food that comes directly from the earth or an animal). Eat absolutely nothing processed by man, and you will be healthy and look great. Following that one rule… you will naturally consume a minuscule amount of sugar, and that's natural sugar which is offset by fiber.

  2. I'm sugar free for about 2 months now. I have lost about 7kg for now. Some side effect that I didn't expect – I don't feel hungry. Like at all. Now I have to remember that I need to eat, not go and eat cause hungry. Sometimes I go out and feel dizzy or get tired, and I just remember – oh yes I forgot to eat. However in general I have way more energy than before, except when I forget to eat for 24 hours or so. But when I eat normally then feeling tons better than before. Another thing – I wasn't able to drink amount of water that I should, even when forced myself, it started to make me sick. Now I am able, I don't want to eat, but I do want to drink.

  3. Try booja booja icecream to satisfy your sweet tooth, if you can get it in the us that is and it has zero refined sugar!! Its organic and only 6 ingredients and its a multi award winning. They sugar coconut blosum sugar and agarve for the sweetner oh and its vegan too. Its amazing icecream

  4. Are you stupid going cold turkey with sugar? You wanna die? Sugar is a drug, more addictive than cocaine in lab rats. You were going through withdrawals which could have sent you to the hospital. Ever heard of weening off?
    You took a dangerous risk just to do a dumb video.

  5. That was fun! I have done this diet before and had great results. I think it’s time to revisit the “no sugar” regimen once again. I have to say, after being off the “unnatural” sugar, when I had it, it was off the charts sweet and I didn’t enjoy it. Wish me luck. Tomorrow starts my 30 days.

  6. Its quite possible explanation of your crashing was instead of dopemine addications more likely to be something like gut bateria changing.
    You may have been feeding specific bacteria ( perhaps not good ones like candida). You might have experienced something like candida die off without realising it?
    Either way you get way better without sugar is the key long term improvement and goal so well done high five.
    Also feel its up to food industry or services to put the fun into healthier eating and not restricting choices. There is a market they just have to listen and stop being the pusher.

  7. I quit sugar a year ago and I now weigh the same as I did at 15 and feel healthy AF .
    I also quit all breakfast cereals as they contain glyphosate , I don't drink or cook with tap water as it contains floride , I don't eat pork as it contains many poisons , sweets cakes milk bread and processed food are all contaminated with chemicals and if you add everything you eat up and then count the poisons you will quit it all too , I eat fresh everyday and make everything myself .

  8. How much weight have you lost? I cut out sugar in drinks of Tea & coffee and on breakfast cereal and lost 7 pounds. That's a simple change. Once you start examining labels of every food product its amazing how much added sugar there is even where I wouldn't expect it like Corned beef.

  9. So that is why I feel so sick lately. I tried to cut down on sugar just to see what would happen. I had the same problems as you…. everything has sugar in it and over the last 2 weeks I´m so low on energy… Not good when you have stuff to do for university. I guess for now I just reduce instead of cancelling it completely.

  10. The cravings come from malnourishment. You need a well planned pallette of spices and a good amount of meat. Get some tumeric, ginger, garlic and onion in bulk. Keep your meats a little pink so the fats maintain more nutrients. Often I only crave one meal a day I have tons of energy and I live a very healthy life. Sometimes I'll add some whole milk, fresh butter etc to my diet. Cooking on cast iron helps too. The thing is if you are hungry or thirsty you are already malnourished.