I make this vegetable soup at least once a week. #shorts #youtubeshorts






  1. Why every time you put you cook you have to push the fish powder why do you have to add the fish party everything you cook please cook without the fish powder one day or two days I'm so tired of the fish powder please stop cooking with the fish powder I don't understand what's wrong with with African people it's all about fish fish fish fish fish fish what's wrong with the fish party everyday you put the fish party in the rice you put the fish powder and everything you cook everything Jesus I would not even come to your house if you ever invite me I'm not coming because I don't like fish powder

  2. I am happy that you are sharing your lovely food, but I keep seeing that you have some beautiful pan's please don't take this the wrong way, but some of these pan's you are using are so bad for your health please check this out, it would be best to cook with stainless steel only. Please, please check this out.

  3. So yummy 😋 😋 but I would want to ask why always your adding dry fish 🎏 for all your meals, then you come with one name like now your saying it's chicken 🍗🍗 sometimes you add dry fish 🐠 in a meat 🥓 then you said it's got meat 🥓 please help on that clarify