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  1. Dipika is really a hypocrite…when asked about converting into Islam she said"this is my personal life and I don't allow anyone to enter into my personal space"
    And now people even know what she does in her daily life..🤣🤣
    Jo apne dhrm ka n ho ska wo kiska hoga ?
    Changed her religion for marrying Shoaib and kept blaming her ex-husband .
    Shoaib and dipika showed by an act that how her ex-husband used to tell her not to wear short clothes and to prepare food for them…so she married Shoaib🤣
    And now…what is she doing ???
    She is preparing 3 times meal and also stopped wearing western…
    So this is what her ex-husband wanted right????
    She just wanted to stay in good books of people…
    I just hate this woman…
    And if Shoaib loved her so much..what was the need to convert into Islam…
    She is really backbone less woman who can be manipulated easily…and she is totally fake…
    She shows that how much she loves her in laws and they do the same…and when people question about her own parents that why she doesn't post things with them…she again burns in fire with anger that I don't neend to post everything in social media🤣🤣
    Ohh godd what a hypocrite 👀
    What else she is doing than posting every single thing in social media???🤣🤣🤣🤣
    And her fans be like"she is a gem"
    And in real she is a peace of shit…a woman who is full of fakeness.