I Enjoy Some Gumbo in the Woods (low-carb Keto recipe)


In this video I cook up a low-carb ketogenic version of a traditional gumbo

Link to the original recipe





  1. Louisiana gumbo starts with a flour/oil roux. A more keto- friendly substitute that has worked for me is Dona Maria Pipian Mole. The jarred paste is made from pumpkin and sesame seeds, peanuts and chiles. The finished gumbo tasted great. Another backpacking-friendly addition is a small time of smoke oysters.

  2. I can be really picky when it comes to my spices but I actually really love the clubhouse Cajun seasoning! That being said, I haven’t had an authentic blend from down south! I have one question for you Mark, if you had to choose one Billy Paul what size would you choose? The 12 inch, the 14 inch or the 16 inch? What do you think is the most versatile? Thanks again for a great video!

  3. Morning Mark! Looks like a yummy meal in the woods. We just had a snow storm Monday, so Montreal weather hasn’t been so good this spring. 😢
    So for the stove, if you remember the original firebox tutorials, using one or two bigger sticks, and not using bunches of small twigs, reduces the surface area, and should also reduce the intensity of the flames. Plus you should have to mess with it as often.
    I wanted to ask your opinion on food dehydrators and especially vacuum packers.
    They both range from around $80 to $250. Is there any return in investment getting the more expensive ones for occasional use, any particular features you found useful on more expensive ones, or are the cheaper ones good enough? I’m talking about Canadian tire/Walmart brands, unless you know a great online deal.