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  1. I planned to make this dish today and I have found several recipes that I am combining. I love that you are using celery! I use celery a lot. Plus the edition of the celery leaves is awesome! I also do that a lot. They have great flavor if you add them at the end. I am also going to add finely chopped carrot for sweetness plus red and green peppers. Also about 1/2 of my braising liquid is going to be a nice red wine. Love it. We love cutting the chuck into strips instead of chunks. I am making brown rice with it but I have also added potatoes the last hour instead.

  2. This is a brilliant recipe, which I have made four times now. I use all goose fat (no butter), swap the celery and salt for celery salt (because I don't like celery!) and leave out the green pepper (same reason), cook it on the stove with the lid on for 3 hours on a Sunday, and then eat it for lunch or dinner all week, with sour cream and chives on top, and steamed vegetables. It's utterly amazing. Thank you, Sahil!

  3. Looks great Sahil good cooking as always, but I thought I'd elaborate on what "GulyΓ‘s" or Goulash is, and what a beef stew is (in Hungarian cuisine generally). What you made here is a beef stew (PΓΆrkΓΆlt) with the thick sauce consistency, while GulyΓ‘s is more like a soup (it is in fact called GulyΓ‘s leves/GulyΓ‘s/Goulash soup) and it's made with carrots and potatos all slow cooked in a pot. It is still full of stuff so it can be called a stew but it's less sauce-y and more soup-y. Also, yes we very rarely use celery or bell peppers generally, but sounds like good possible additions nevertheless!

  4. Tomato is a modern, new world addition to this old dish. Hungarian paprika is very hot, so I suggest that if you can't find it, you add a red chili or jalapeno with the bell pepper. Also, use 1/4 or more of it, skip the tomato and ad stock for liquid. That much paprika will actually act as a thickener. They never would have used flour to thicken it, but often add a diced potato, another modern addition that replaced the less popular turnip.


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