How To Tell If You're In Ketosis: 6 Signs You're In Ketosis (With Health Coach Tara)


00:00 Introduction

00:57 First, lets talk about the physical signs that signal you are in ketosis.
01:04 The Keto Flu
01:40 Weight Loss
01:57 Digestive Issues
02:30 Sleep Disturbances
02:45 Bad Breath
03:55 Decrease in Performance

04:42 What are these benefits?
04:57 Increased Energy & Focus
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You have started your Keto Diet and are wondering how to tell if you are in Ketosis. Join Health Coach Tara as she discusses 6 signs you are in Ketosis!

How long does it take to get into Ketosis? You may start noticing signals from your body that something is changing within a few days. The full process of getting into Ketosis takes longer than that. Listen to your body and don’t cheat!

Things I mentioned in the video:

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Want to test for Ketones? We use the Ketone Breath Test from KetoScan.

If you look at the cost of blood ketone tests (the other accurate method) you’ll find the cost of the unit is just a small part of the overall cost. You also have to purchase replacement strips which can cost over $30/month depending on how often you test. We love the breath test because it requires no strips and multiple people can use it. It’s also fast and easy 🙂

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📹How Do I Avoid The Keto Flu?

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  1. My wife and I have been on strict keto for the last month, we have had exactly all the symptoms you described, I am fasting 16-8 and doing 30 mins treadmill, we both have only lost 1 to 2 lbs, we eat under 20 carbs a day, two healthy protein and vegetable meals , almost no snacking, really disappointed in the weight loss hype, but we will stay on it because we are rarely hungry, and the food is pretty tasteful, I seem to have a steady energy but less when I demande more out of my body, I run low on energy when doing really physical work. I read all these crazy weight lost from people but not us

  2. Name: Alexis torres
    Instagram: Mrs.torresmamaofboys

    ❓Dr. Ryan says, “Prüvit is the only company that has, when it comes to the ketone technology, that right key for your cells that it recognizes and opens ups the door for ketones to come in and be utilized at the cellular level."

  3. I have been keto since January 1st 2021, and l have noticed my body smell and urine are stinky. This worried me, thinking I've got diabetes type 2. But I'm trying to prevent that happening by ditching carbs. My BMI is 51, enormously overweight, and struggling with arthritis which prevents me doing any cardio. Thanks for the info, I've joined your fb page.

  4. yes weird keto flu one afternoon in bed now i feel great eating less at- noon 3pm 6pm treadmill one hour a day have energy and focus bowels ehhh comming along take sugar free fiber every other day may go to everyday i'm 63 i weigh 230 i want 180 losing everyday feel better

  5. 1st keto beginner. Started 01/04/2021 and in ketosis on 1/05/2021… I've 💩 3 times today (I usually go twice in a week) after my treadmill rum, jog I was so ernergized (calves did hurt though) but I felt great. Then aroun 4pm I got my ketosis monitor amd tried it…I though it was broken because it was stating I was in ketosis already. I was waiting to feel like crap amd to be constipated and I'm at the opposite so I think that's good? Idk… i need more days to make sure this isn't juat a one day thing..

  6. I am 52 years old I am disabled I also have fatty liver disease and no gallbladder I have been on keto for 5 weeks I have lost 15 pounds I went down to pant sizes I feel great I check my ketones I have a keto coach monitor and I have 5 doctors 1 of my doctors is totally against keto is really old and his from Iran but he is against it I talk to my gastroenterologist and he said hes not against it he just wants me to lose weight because of my fatty liver and he said if it's working for me go for it I am staying on keto I live in Southern California with my 12 yo cat I'm wondering what you think about somebody with a fatty liver and no gallbladder On keto

  7. I started a ketogenic diet on April 26th of this year and so far I have lost 80 pounds and I have abandoned my wheelchair and only walk with one crutch. Both my knees had been destroyed by arthritis at an early age. I need to lose another 20 pounds but even when I reach the desired weight, I will continue to eat keto and do my 16 hour intermmitent fasting. I have never felt better.

  8. Hi can you help me every one is doing so well I just can’t seem to loose no weight at all it’s been 3 months now I’ve been so good but I hav had a drink about twice In The three months I can’t get into ketosis on my own even in the start I had the bad breath and couldn’t sleep iam taking pks now to help I can’t seem to loose weight I e tryed so hard anc give this my best shot gutted to see so many doing well anc reaching their goals my weight is not moveing at all

  9. 65 years old male on my 3rd. Week 247 to 235 started out with fasting blood glucose of 297 feeling horrible I am feeling better for sure blood glucose taken 3 times yesterday 85- 99 and 88 it rises occasionally but rarely over the 140 mark what am I eating eggs salads meat mostly no sugar only sugar substitute it's not like I totally deny myself on Sunday been eating Rebel ice cream 4 carbs for 16 Oz very delicious I like cookie dough and butter pecan I've been walking a mile or two everyday my goal is to make this a lifestyle and not be on medication so far so good God bless everyone for their efforts and I help them to achieve there goal


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