How to Survive Pre-Diabetes with The Everything Easy Pre-Diabetes Cookbook


ABOUT THE BOOK: Control pre-diabetes with these 200 easy-to-follow, nutritious recipes that take 30 minutes or less and leave you feeling full, satisfied, and one step closer to a healthier life.

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Did you know? 96 million people aged 18 years or older have prediabetes! That’s 38.0% of the adult US population and 48.8% of those 65 and older.

A pre-diabetes diagnosis can be concerning but taking action and incorporating a better diet and more activity at an early stage can help you avoid type-2 diabetes altogether. And The Everything Pre-Diabetes Cookbook is here to help on your health journey.

This cookbook includes 200 healthy and easy recipes that will help you manage your pre-diabetes. You will enjoy meals like a savory stir fry, chili, pasta, and even sweet baked goods like doughnuts, all while creating positive change and improving your health. In 30 minutes or less you can devour these easy-to-make recipes that you’re sure to enjoy. The first step toward a healthier life starts right here!

Whether cooking solo or for a crowd, there is something for everyone.





  1. Love you adding the plant based info to your repertoire. Have you tried not adding any extra oil? No change in flavor, reduced fat, and much healthier! Plants have amazing protein on their own! I eat 1300-1800 cal a day, get 70-80gm fiber per day, over 50gm protein, and less than 10% fat as fat and out processed food drive up BS! Yum! Will tweak your receipts for me and try! ❤️❤️❤️❤️