How to stop overeating and lose weight is certainly not an easy thing to do and definitely takes time. Weight loss is not about following a certain diet, but rather following a healthier lifestyle and changing the way you approach your daily life. If you’re trying to look for ways to avoid overeating, and stop binge eating, these 9 Strategies will help you out.

1.Eat real food. The single most important thing to avoid overeating is to include real, whole, unprocessed foods in your diet. That means switching to vegetables, fruits, whole grains, beans, nuts, seeds, olive oil, organic, range, or grass-fed animal products and fish.

2.Have Protein at Every Meal: Protein increases satiety and helps keep your appetite under control by stimulating gut hormones that help you feel full. Options include eggs, milk, yogurt, and oatmeal for breakfast. Include nuts, beans, whole grains, low-fat dairy, fish, lean meats, and poultry.

3.Load up on veggies: Non-starchy ones like broccoli, spinach, mushrooms, carrots, cauliflower, green beans, spinach and bell peppers are rich in fiber and water, which means they fill you up for fewer calories. Try to have 1 cup of veggies at breakfast and/or snack time and 2 cups at lunch and dinner.

4.Use smaller plates: Sometimes the simplest ideas are the best ones! You can’t fit as much food on a smaller plate, and a smaller portion will look more visually satisfying when it fills the plate. This will send a subtle hint to your brain that this is all it needs to feel complete.

5.Eat Slowly. Slow eating can help reduce your portion size, cut calories and shed excess weight. It takes about 20 minutes for the brain to get the signal that your stomach is full. If you eat slowly, there is enough time for this chemical process to happen and thus prevent overeating.

6.Drink water before a meal: Drinking water helps the stomach feel fuller and will curb any unwanted cravings. Drink water at least 10 minutes before your meal to curb your appetite.

7.Brush your teeth! It sounds silly, but if you brush your teeth right after a meal it tells you that you’re finished. No stray snacking on leftovers, dessert isn’t quite as tempting, and it eliminates the reminiscence of dinner on your breath.

8.Set family rules. No eating in front of the TV, in the car, or at your desk. This will help you avoid mindless eating and binge eating when youโ€™re not hungry.

9. Keeping a food journal, will monitor you food intake on a daily basis. Since you will have to register each meal in your journal, you will be very conscious of how much you eat.

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