How to REALLY cook tofu | Meaty Tofu Chili | Vegan Air Fryer Recipe!


⭐️ 5 Star Tofu Chili
🔥 The air fryer I use:
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Canon R6 Mirrorless
Canon RF 24-70mm f/2.8 lens
Canon 5D Mark II
Canon EF 50mm
Manfrotto tripod
Sennheiser Pro Audio Lav

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  1. So I just finished the chili dish and let me tell you, it was very delicious 😋. I took my time making sure I followed the directions and added the right measures of the ingredients. The tofu I put in oven for 30 minutes and came out fabulous. After done made a pot of rice, put the rice in the bowl, then the chili on top, put some lime juice on the chili and last the fresh cilantro, it was fantastic thank you sweet potato soul 👍.

  2. love the pot you use!! saw it in another video and just had to have it. i was able to get it in green, my favorite color, on black friday! think i’m gonna go back and get one of thier cast iron pans as well. do you have code/any kind of deal with them to let them know you sent me? (if not, you should!)

  3. I'm so glad that not only did you do a video featuring tofu but you also made the most delicious looking chilli. I've used tofu in a stew before. All I had heard is that tofu takes on the flavor of whatever you cook it in. But in my situation lit just floated around at the top of the pot. So that was my experience with it. But after watching you cook this it looks so delicious that I want to make it. Thanks for sharing the recipe