How To Prepare Vegetarian/Vegan Groundnut Soup. local Ghanaian groundnut soup(Nkatenkwan)


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This video shows viewers how to prepare a local Ghanaian groundnut soup in a unique way. It was prepared with ingredients suitable for vegetarians and vegans, non-vegetarians can also enjoy using same procedure to cook this soup. It is ideal for all lovers of healthy vegetarian/vegan cooking meals to enjoy watching and practicing same at home.

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  1. I love the initiative of a vegan kitchen, it is about time, Ghanaians thought of healthy living, all these kitchens with lots of unhealthy soups when debilitating diseases are taking over our communities. I love love the concept, however I think k your video was too long n too slow, I know with time u will learn to edit n make shorter videos, u lose viewers when a video is so slow with long demonstrations. I will try your soup, I love mushrooms so I am sold, thanks for sharing. U are lovely n your voice over very pleasant to listen to. Congratulations.

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