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Fight with COVID-19 Disease with Immunity booster Homemade Vegetable Soup
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Cabbage = 10gms
½ Capsicum
5 Pieces of beans
Cauliflower = 100gms
Carrot = 2 small
Onion = 2 small
Ginger(sliced) = 1 inch
Garlic(chopped) = 12 pods
Coriander Leaves = ¼ cups
Vinegar = 2 tablespoons
Dark Soya Sauce = 6 tablespoons
Oil = 1 tablespoons
Salt = to tate
Chop all the vegetables.
Heat the oil in the pan to begin the cooking process
Add all the chopped vegetables in the frypan one after the other.
Cook them on a slow flame & mix them properly until they get soften.
Cover the pan and allow it for cooking on low flame for some time.
Pour hot water into the mixture (5-6 cups) & allow to cook it for some time.
Add the vinegar & soya sauce.
Pour cornflour water.
Again cook it for some time till it is boiling & them add some dark soya sauce if you want.
Mix it wisely so that no lungs are formed, and at the end add coriander leaves.
👉Preparation time = 10 minutes
👉Cooking Time = 15 minutes.
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Healthy & Tasty Vegetable Soup Recipe
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