How to Make the Ultimate Cream of Tomato Soup


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  1. I tried this recipe and nearly burned the entire tray of tomatoes in the oven at the 450 temp for 30 minutes. Should've known better but I got distracted while cooking and I should've checked on them… There was barely enough roasted tomato to salvage but I worked with what I had and the soup still came out really great.

  2. As soon as i saw her separating the juice from the tomatoes i knew it'd be a good version. Very interesting take. All spice and brandy. Two things i've never considered. I see she's missing garlic, black pepper, and any combination of basil, rosemary, thyme or oregano that can really adult this soup. All in all looks delish.

  3. I've been a fan of ATK for, well, a very long time. I was very happy when I saw an ATK vid. Everything was going great until the cream came out. My search parameters said 'dairy free'. ☹
    No dairy (or alcohol) por me…darn sensitivities!!!
    I've got fake butter that's 'ok'. TG.

    How would this be without the cream? I've actually always preferred my Tom soup more on the sharp & less on the creamy side.

    Besides Dairy sensitivities (OMG No Yogurt! No Cereal! No CHEESE!!! But the cruelest cut of all NO ICE CREAM.) I saw the list and damn near cried. They won't come out & say allergies, but they 1 color code everything. Orange is not great Red is worse; red is bad. You eat red things at your own risk.
    Here are more of my red ones:
    Almonds, Soy, Peanuts, & Coconut.

    A LOT of my favorite recipes bye-bye in one swell fūp of an email. Sadly, I have been very very good with all of this. However I tried some Indian food last night it had real butter and I'm betting a little bit of coconut milk. It hit my stomach like a ton of bricks and stayed there for hours. So I'm guessing this company knows what they're talking about. I look forward to feeling better and my Whole Life.

  4. Suggestions: Since they are naturally sweet, try adding some onion to the roasting tomatoes in place of the sugar, roast the tomatoes in a high sided baking pan, and use some of the stock to get the fond off the bottom of it, and use the liquid in the blending, so none of caramelized goodness is lost.

  5. Rather than adding the roasted tomatoes to the pot with the liquids, cooking, straining and then adding back — would it work to add the roasted tomatoes from the sheet pan to the blender with the sauteed shallots and some liquid to the blender, pulverize, then add that back to the saucepan with the rest of the liquid? This would save the second straining step.