How to make the best vegetarian chili of your life


Get the recipe for this incredible chili:

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Dried chilies (highly recommend this brand!):
Spice grinder:
Souper cubes:
Dutch oven:
Cast iron skillet:
Knives: (get $5 off using code “nisha”)


Instant Pot 6 quart:
Food Processor:
Vitamix blender:
Vitamix 64-ounce container:
Stainless steel frying pan:
Nonstick frying pan:
Large Cutting Board:

All Other Kitchen Equipment:
Film & Photography Equipment:

00:00 Introduction
00:29 Most vegetarian chili recipes are bad
00:49 Homemade chili powder is key
02:24 Sautéing the aromatics
03:35 Blooming the spices
03:57 Deglazing the pan
04:36 Adding the remaining ingredients
06:17 Simmering the chili
06:54 Finishing the chili
08:45 Meeting our chili expert
09:46 Chili taste test





  1. Unfortunately, you lost me when you started with three different peppers that are not available in Southern Ohio or northern West Virginia. I find that a lot of people ask for ingredients that no one in small towns have access. That being said, I do enjoy your recipes that have more available ingredients. 🙂

  2. Wow! I love Mexican flavours and comfort food, but I never really liked vegan chili. This one looks amazing, though! This is definitely going on my meal plan for next week. One question, you said chili is usually deglazed with beer. I rarely have red wine, but often have beer in the house. If I were to make your recipe but used beer instead of wine, would you alter any of the other ingredients, or are the beer and red wine interchangeable?

  3. I thought I was doing chili, and have been proven wrong with video! 😅 Oh well! There are still step I was doing I borrowed from your other recipes to improve my chill, like cooking spices and using tomato paste, but next time I'll gladly follow these techniques! I can't wait to make my own chili powder! We always struggle here to find a good one and we never thought of making our own. Finally, be assured that in French we never pronounce cow boy this way 😉 (or at least in Quebec!).

  4. I found out today I cannot order your book. Not even on Kindle. Because it can't be shipped to Canada? Can I order directly from you? If not maybe a book store here could special order it? Darn. I want it right now. We have been loving your recipes. You cook a lot like I do but better. Same tastes it seems. I've been happily playing in my kitchen for days now. How do I get a book?!

  5. This looks amazing!!! Cant wait to make this!
    Please make a cook book not based on strictly insta pot. That book is incredible and you would KILLLL it with a regular cook book. You have such and amazing spirit and great sense of humor. You have some of the best vegan recipes on you tube and they are not complicated!! You make this world better, thank you Love Love Love

  6. Nisha is a lovely personality, great fun. The chilli looks wonderful and so much love and attention went into it, I am drooling and will have to try and make this. I am not a vegan, but I like the best vegan food, so will also try and make it with meat, a brilliant video, everything beautifully explained and demonstrated, and a lot of fun. I can only give one thumb up, but would give many if I could.

  7. What an interesting coincidence. I planned to cook a seitan and beans chili today, and just as I finish cooking it, your video pops up xD still an omnivor but very curious about new cooking techniques and ideas, also aiming to go vegetarian/vegan starting next year, as the two people that are more sensitive about food (my mom and my 13 year old brother) will move away and allow me to be fully free in the kitchen. Can't say I'm a fan of very spicy food (not exactly a tradition here either), but I wanna try and taste whatever I can as I love cooking and eating. Your ideas are definitely very useful and inspiring, and will help me experiment and adapt what I already know to be more plant based. Cheers from Portugal !

  8. I‘m so happy that you shared this one 🥰

    Like about 10-15 years ago, my (meaty) Chili was one of the dishes that made ppl ask me to cook for them on birthdays or similar events ☺️ (I’m still flattered, cooking is a free time passion for me to this day)

    I‘ve always loved all of the cuisines and am even more eager now to cook/live more plant based. A Chili has always been a „big“ thing to me. Only doing it for several ppl. I am not good at numbers anyways, so breaking „my formula“ down & make it vegan scared me 🙈
    I‘m soooo glad you showed me a way – I wholeheartedly trust your recipes! I tried & loved so many 🥰

    Thank you for all your hard work! Can‘t wait for your new book 😍
    Wishing you & all your loved ones a lovely weekend!

  9. Thanks for ur videos, i learnt a lot from u and im a guy, i love cooking since i was a child. With ur knowledge and skill i improve myself every day with ur recipes. I also picked up a girl cuz of ur recipe so i am grateful for life to u. Wish u all best <3 love to u from Poland

  10. Great job, Nisha! Along with onions, peppers, garlic, and spices, I personally like to add corn, vegan ground “meat”, lentils, veggie broth, kidney and black beans and let it simmer for five or more hours to really bring out the flavors. The last batch of chili I made was SO DELICIOUS and my non-vegan fiancé was over the moon. Sadly he has baby mouth and couldn’t handle the spiciness, but he managed 😂