How to make the best Ebunu Ebunu Cocoyam leaves Kontomire Soup✔


►SUBSCRIBE for 2 new videos per week: Ebunuebunu soup is a popular green soup indigenous to the Akan people from Ghana. It’s locally made with kontonmire (taro leaves), however, spinach serves as a great alternative. It is enjoyed with fufu. Below is the link to my fufu video. Please check it out and thank you so much for watching !! INGREDIENTS: * 8 large kontonmire leaves or 2 packed cups of spinach * 1 pound smoked turkey pieces * 1/4 pound cured beef * 1 Roma tomato * 1 medium onion whole and peeled * For marinade (1 habanero chili, 2 small Serrano chilis, 1/4 teaspoon of fennel seeds, 5g of ginger, 1 cloves of garlic) * 1 heaping tablespoon dry smoked shrimp * 1 tablespoon dawadawa (locust bean) * 2 large blue crabs * 10 small white mushrooms * 3 fresh snails * Smoked fish * Salt to season * 3 habanero chilis ========================================== =========== ✔Please email BUSINESS ONLY inquiries to =========================== ==================== ✔Facebook – ✔Twitter – ✔Instagram – ✔Click HERE to SUBSCRIBE – ==== =========================================== ♦ MORE VIDEOS ♦ HOW TO Make Chicken Fried Rice: The Best Vegetable Fried Rice: BEEF and VEGETABLES STIR FRY video: How to make butter bread: How to make the best CHICKEN Soup: Wet Ghanaian donut Bofrot Boflot Puff Puff: How to make the best SHITO: How to make Dinner Rolls: Check out the rest of Nanaaba’s kitchen channel :.





  1. Hi this may be my second time to comment to tell you your recipes are wow and also your utensils, you are amazing and thank you can you help on how to make olive,coconut and almond oil and how to preserve them for cooking and also glycerin l always right your recipes because I don't have the utensils the spices all the procedure but I don't give I know I will make the meals one day especially your grandma's beef stew nanaaba.


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