How to Make the Best Crispy Ground Beef Empanadas | Low Carb & Keto Friendly Recipe


How to Make the Best Crispy Ground Beef Empanadas | Low Carb & Keto Friendly Recipe

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Almond flour –
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  1. These look fab! Thanks so much for all of the wonderful recipes you share! For anyone complaining that the dough isn’t low carb… it looks like the recipe makes quite a few.. I imaging most people would eat only one or two at most so it’s probably low carb if you don’t over consume. Btw, her Chanel is called low carb love…not keto. Two different things..❤

  2. I will have to research this recipe. I’ve been thinking of hand pies recently but I absolutely won’t use the tapioca flour if it’s high in carbs…maybe substituting coconut flour would be better? Also, I don’t like peas…but that’s the beauty of hand pies…you can put whatever you like in them.
    However, 15g carbs is a lot. Most of us are not at our goal weights yet, so maybe making a lower carb version, as well as the higher carb one too, would be good. I do agree with previous posters that I’ll be looking for another recipe that’s lower carb. Looks delicious though!

  3. They look amazing!

    I checked the macros on the blog and 15 g net carbs each is pretty high! I know that arrowroot flour is lower in carbs than tapioca, but with the quantity used it would still be pretty high. I think I'm going to research another dough recipe for myself, and skip the peas altogether.

    The empanadas that I knew long before my pre-keto days, had a small piece of hard boiled egg in one end, and an olive in the other. The filling was almost all well-seasoned meat with onion, garlic, pieces of olive and a few raisins. I think the lady who made them was from Chile?