Hello my beautiful fam! Welcome back to my kitchen today I’m going to share with you how to make the best chicken tortilla soup !!! The flavors on this soup is like no other, it’s soooo delicious and it’s perfect to enjoy on any day, any occasion! Keep in mind like every recipe and every household there are tons of variations that make this delicious recipe, you can always adjust it to your taste, I really hope you enjoy it as much as me and my family do, and as always if you do please don’t forget to give me a big thumbs up, comment down below your thoughts and if you new to my channel please hit that subscribe buttons so you can be part of our family !!!!!! 😘 πŸ›‘Pots I use in my videos- calphalon Blenders I use at the moment, Vitamix a3500 and Ninja BL770 All my utensils are from Walmart 😊 Song at end of Videos: Lu-Ni Vamos ala oscuridad Ingredients: 20 tortillas 4 pieces chicken breasts 1 white onion 4 garlic cloves 1 small bunch of cilantro (5 tbsp) Chicken bouillon 13 cups water 5 Roma tomatoes 4 New Mexico chile pods 29 oz corn 1 tsp cumin Oil Toppings: Queso fresco Shredded cheese serrano Sour cream Avocado Limes 1 serving of love πŸ’• Want to see more of me and my family? Follow me ☺️ tag me on any recipes you recreate πŸ₯° SC: angel110706 IG: cooking_con_claudia Twitter: cregalado_91 Fb: Cooking with Claudia Regalado Business Inquires Only:





  1. Hi Claudia! Thank you so much for sharing all of these amazing recipes with us!! They remind me of my Tia's cooking which I've missed so much! πŸ˜‹πŸ‘ŒπŸ™β€πŸ˜ Also I was wondering how many servings this recipe makes? I'm planning on making this for a large group on Sunday. Thank you so much in advance! πŸ™β˜Ί

  2. I love trying chicken tortilla soup at restaurants and this recipe right here, mimics my favorite soup I’ve tried. I just want to say thank you for this recipe!!!!! 10/10 recommend anyone try this!!! The flavor is just amazing. I did add black beans but other than that.. chefs kiss! Thanks again

  3. I have a super good recipe for tortilla soup. I like my soup to have chipotle peppers in Adobo sauce and bacon instead of chicken. My soup is like out of this world. But yours looks tasty also.
    My recipe:
    1 medium yellow onion
    1 bunch of cilantro
    1 32 oz. Whole tomatoes
    1 small can of Chipotle peppers in Adobo sauce
    4 limes
    2- 3 garlic cloves
    3. Tablespoons sugar
    2. 32oz. Cartons of chicken broth
    Cheese of your choice
    Tortilla chips/ hand made or store bought
    Put your two cartons of soup in a large pot. In a blender put your tomatoes, garlic, cilantro, onion and three tablespoons of sugar, Chipotle peppers and most of the Adobo sauce and puree it well. Add the juice of two limes to the broth.
    Add to pot of broth and simmer for 1/2 hour. In the meantime cook your beacon and make your chips.
    When the broth is finished, put your bowl together how you like. I like mine with just the chips cheese and beacon and some extra lime for taste. Enjoy πŸ˜‰ PS : I don't add salt because the limes and both have enough salt in it already.


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