How to make Sugar free Vanilla Sponge Cake / fluffy cake Recipe / Easy Cake


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How to make a fluffy Sugar free Vanilla Sponge Cake.
It is a easy and delicious basic Sponge Cake recipe, Easy cake Recipe and simple recipe.
Recipe ingredients are so simple that anyone can make this cake.

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▶Round pan Size 8inch Diameter (20cm)

4 egg yolk
Salt 1g
4 egg whites
Xylitol120g (or Erythritol)
Cake flour 120g
Vegetable oil 40g
Milk 40g
Vanilla Extract a little bit

Xylitol is the perfect match for baking cakes. It works great to make meringue with the egg whites. Erythritol has zero calories but when the cake is stored for a long time, it may crystalize in the cake and be sensed when chewing. Stevia cannot be used when whisking egg whites, since it does not give it the perfect fluffy shape.

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