How to make PHO Soup Dumplings At Home … the best SOUP meets the best DUMPLING 💥 | Marion’s Kitchen


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  1. Finally made these, all from scratch and the came out amazing. Tip to anyone who's gonna give these a try… It's all in the wrapper dough. Don't make them too thin or they'll bleed thru. I made two batches and one came out too thin but the other batch worked just fine🥟 Thank you Marion for such a great recepie! The pho broth was definitely the star of the show🍲

  2. Sounded super yummy that I tried to make them yesterday…EPIC FAIL! 1) The dough kept sticking to the table and rolling pin even after adding flour to both and 2) the dough kept bouncing back each time I rolled it inwards so I couldn't get it big or flat enough to be able to fill and pleat. I'm good in the kitchen but think I'll opt to order going forward. One question: What can I make with the leftover minced pork? Thanks!

  3. I just watched the Netflix series Ugly Delicious episode about Dumplings (comparing both Asian dumplings and Italian stuffed pastas). David Chang (Momofuku) and Ali Wong (actress & comedian) go to the restaurant Marion referenced, Din Tai Fung! David mentions in the episode that he went to their location in Australia, but he and Ali go to one of the Los Angeles locations. I remember eating soup dumplings in a couple dim sum restaurants in San Francisco and they were delicious! Have a craving for dim sum now…


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