How to make PERFECT KETO Chocolate Chip Cookies | THICK and CHEWY!


This is the only keto chocolate chip cookie recipe you will ever need. These tender low carb cookies are so good, no one will believe they are completely sugar-free. With only 2g net carbs per serving. Get all my best tips and tricks in this video!

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Tips on using Keto Sweeteners:
Baking with Almond Flour:

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Good fine almond flour:
Swerve Brown:
Keto Chocolate Chips:

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0:00 Intro
1:08 What makes these keto cookies so special?
1:25 Measuring by weight rather than volume
2:24 The best sweetener for keto chocolate chip cookies
3:06 Use Baking SODA, not baking powder
3:31 Use melted butter
4:03 Stir in the chocolate chips
4:32 Forming the cookies
5:24 Press down just a bit
5:49 Bake the cookies
6:04 Finished cookies and taste test

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  1. I made these, and they came out pretty good. But unfortunately, my daughter still noticed the difference 'cause of the erythritol. Which I believe is the closest artificial sweetener I have used that assimilates to regular sugar. Loved them with walnuts!

  2. I know what I'm about to say goes against the goal of this video, but I didn't have any almond flour, Swerve brown or sugar free choc. chips. I really wanted to make these cookies. So, I used 150 grams of spelt flour, 50 grams of bread flour, regular brown sugar and regular choc. chips. The cookies turned out amazing. Very light (thanks to the spelt flour), and a delicate sweetness. I was also surpised how easy and quick this recipe was to put together. At my next opportunity, I will get the recommended ingredients and make them again. I certainly don't need the extra sugar when there is an alternative. Many thousand thanks for a great keto recipe.

  3. Ok, I made them. Even though our concepts of what constitutes a big or small cookie vary, they are delicious!!! I'd made fewer in order to make them bigger, but the flavor and texture are really good. And they are not as oily as another recipe I had made before. I used coconut sugar since it has a similar texture to the one you showed. Thanks!