How To Make Okra Soup |Okra Soup With Banku | Assorted Meat Okra Soup


My kids and I loves Okra/Okro, be it Soup or Stew, we Enjoy it🥰 In today’s video, I share how to make the easiest and most flavorful Okra Soup/Okra Stew Recipe. Please Enjoy😘✌🏽❤️ To order Sweet Adjeley Seasoning Please contact Hertage Distributors @ 9736224406 and they would ship it to you, anywhere in the USA Thank You 😘✌🏽❤️ Ingredients: Protein Beef, Cow Foot, Snails, Cow Skin, Shrimps, Baked Mackerel You may use any protein of your choice 🥰 To Pressure Cook Cow Foot All Purpose Seasoning – tt Salt – tt Enough Water to cover cow foot Onion – Half of a Medium To Season and Steam Meat Garlic – 3 Cloves or tt Ginger – About 2 thumb Sizes Onion – Half Of a medium Habanero Pepper – tt Beef Seasoning – tt Salt – tt To make the base of the Soup/Stew 1/4cup – Palm Oil or oil of choice 1 – Red Onion, chopped 1 – Habanero or Scotch Bonnet Pepper, chopped 1-3 – Tomatoes Chopped 1tsp – Shrimp Powder or tt (Optional) Salt – tt Banku Recipe 👉🏽 Banku Mix 👉🏽 Spice Blend Cube 👉🏽 Shrimp Powder Recipe 👉🏽 Chicken, Beef and Mushroom Powder Recipe 👉🏽 Wele | Pomo | Cow Skin Recipe 👉🏽 tt means To Taste Music By: J Adjetey .