How to Make NOPAL CACTUS Salad | EASY Salad Recipe for Tacos


Nopal cactus is a very common and much appreciated ingredient in Mexican cuisine. There is many ways it gets incorporated, and in this video I am teaching you in detailed steps how to achieve the best cactus salad you will ever have. Wether you use this recipe as a side dish, or as a filling for tacos, your success is guaranteed with such a wonderful creation that will leave you in awe of the result.

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Nopal cactus salad

To cook them
Nopales 7- 8 ea (3.5 lbs)
Cilantro small bunch
Garlic cloves 2 ea
White onion, large 1/4 ea

Roma tomatoes 3 ea
Red onion, medium 1/2 ea
Cilantro One bunch
Queso fresco 12 oz

Lime juice 3 TBSP
Olive oil 3 TBSP
Vinegar from pickled peppers 3 TBSP
Dry oregano 1 tsp
Pickled Serranos 16 ea or 1 cup
Salt to taste, kosher – I did 1 1/2 tsp Total

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✰ Brush Escobeta de Raiz/ Root brush:

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❃ Tacos al pastor:
❃ Carnitas:
❃ Refried beans:
❃ Guacamole:
❃ Carne Asada:

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  1. We made this beautiful salad tonight as a side for some tortilla soup. It's delightful! Refreshing, nice bite, and easy to make! I forgot the seranos unfortunately, that would only make it better! I subbed acv and white vinegar is the dressing. Thanks for a major keeper of a recipe!