How to make miso soup in 5 minutes #shorts


How to make miso soup in 5 min: (I listed the ingredients I used below on my Amazon storefront!) 1. Combine 2 tsp dashi (I used Ajinomoto Hondashi) and 4 cups of water and bring to a boil. 2. Reduce heat to low. This is an important step because boiling miso can make it lose its flavor and nutrients. 3. Strain 3 tbsp miso (I used Hikari Organic Red Miso) through a mesh strainer. 4. Add wakame, silken tofu, and green onions. Miso soup (along with any food that includes dashi) is one of my favorite comfort foods. Though it can be higher in sodium, it can also be higher in nutrients! The miso contains probiotics, the tofu adds protein, and the many vegetables you can add to it (green onions, wakame, mushrooms, etc.) provide vitamins and minerals. SUBSCRIBE for new #shorts #dietitian and #nutrition videos! Let’s connect: IG: TikTok: Email: [email protected] .





  1. I love miso soup and with the cooler weather coming now, I love hot soups. So I went to the Asian market to get the ingredients. I found a dashi miso paste, I didn't know how to find dashi in the store lol. Made some just now and it turned out so good. Thank you for showing us how to make this simple and tasty soup. I am looking forward to having miso soup all winter long. It's like a cup of comfort for my soul and my gut. 😊

  2. Miso soup was one of the first things I learned to make after my mom finally let me near the stove…. unfortunately I had no portion control awareness and ended up with huge pots of soup enough to feed a large family. It wasn't a problem… at first 😅 but as expected I got a little sick of having miso soup for morning, lunch and dinner for days on end. Real pity since I freakin LOVED it. Now I just use soy miso or miso gochujang variations. When you try to sneak extra veggies in, they really add up!

  3. My brother just started dating a Japanese-American woman. She made this lovely miso soup from scratch, since we forgot to make soup (Filipinos like us, and Asians in general like to have sort of soup with their meals). She added the dried seaweed in our bowls and poured the hot soup after. She said that her mom taught her to do this, so the miso soup doesn’t get slimy, and not everyone likes seaweed in theirs. Nice trick I learned from her.