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  1. Made this recipe and came out delicious heres some tips i used coconut oil instead of butter and was so moist and nice added some honey on my apples as well and put them in the microwave for an other extra 5 minutes added some honey to also my crust my crust was too oily and doughy because i added too much coconut oil don’t do the same mistake as me the only thing i was a but skeptical was that when I brushed my apples with butter it didn’t came browny but it’s ok served it with some ice cream and some almonds but i would also make my own whipping cream you add coconut milk/cream cans in the fridge upside down for 2 days so it gets thickened and when you remove it all the water comes out and it gets separated so i have the pure cream add a bit vanilla extract not too much cause it can get bitter and honey and here you go delicious thank you for this recipe will definitely make it again in the future

  2. Thank you, I tried this and it turned out very good. I forgot to steam the apples so I covered the tart with aluminum foil and it worked well. I cheated on the sugar and added 1 tbs sugar to the base and 1 tbs to apples slices, I also added cinnamon to the apple slices, I strongly recommend adding cinnamon it smells amazing

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