How to make Low Calorie Ice Cream that actually tastes good.


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Low calorie ice cream? Yep, and it can be made in 5 minutes using a blender.

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0:00 Calorie Comparison
0:32 Intro
0:56 Traditional ice cream breakdown
2:29 How low calorie ice cream works
4:14 Four Components of Low Cal Ice cream
4:42 Mobility Limiters are the key to texture
6:40 Vanilla Base Ice Cream
8:26 Cold Brew Coffee Protein Ice Cream + today’s sponsor: Trade!
10:36 Fruit Base Recipe
11:40 Lessons Learned
12:32 Closing thoughts

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  1. Ok, I’m going to write this twice, once here and once in the gen comments.

    This is about 90% there, and he has the right idea, what he lacks is the right equipment and a bit more water.

    So for the steep price of $150 you can buy a ninja creami.

    With this machine you can take a block of healthy ice and turn it into ice cream. And that’s it.

    Probably the best you will be able to do for the next 20 or so years. although technically there is a better process, but it’s not worth it.

    Have fun everyone and happy ice creaming!

  2. The vanilla base is the best protein ice cream I’ve ever tried. The only thing I had to tweak was adding way more vanilla extract. For some reason I needed a lot to be able to taste it. I also need to figure out the right serving temp. It was perfect for about 3 minutes then got too melty. Thanks a lot for these techniques and recipes Ethan!

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  4. The obsession with low fat is dangerously unhealthy, just choose the right fats. Saturated fat from cream, butter and egg yolks are wonderful for you and ice cream is a spectacular opportunity to add those to your diet. It isn't the dairy that's the issue in ice cream, it's the sugar, the stabilizers, gums, artificial flavors, preservatives and food colorings. Keto ice cream is truly what your mind and body desire. The protein powders are unhealthy. Raw dairy, grass fed, full fat, egg yolks, no starch, sweeten with raw honey or maple syrup, sucanat, fruit. Add collagen instead of protein. I expected better, this doesn't match up to anything I've learned in my 12 years of nutritional studies and experience.

  5. Thank you for this Ethan!! I just bought a self freezing ice cream maker (45 mins to freeze whatever you put in it!! A dreaaaam!!)
    So I think I'll use my blender with cottage cheese (has xantham already), ice, almond milk, a touch of heavy cream, salt and a combo of stevia and erythritol to Lower freezing as sugar and promote perfection.

    Will try protein powder combo next then sugar free pudding mix, sugar free jello mix… not sure the ratios or what I'll combine with yet but it's a future adventure

  6. 8:10 xylitol and erythritol lowers the freezing point in a water solution even more than sugar does, as they are alcohols.
    The reason it gets rock hard is, that they are not as soluble as sugar is (in cold water) and wil precipitate out of the icecream base. You can see this effect especially when using erythritol , as large crystals tend to form.

    If you want to use a sugar substitution, try using one with xylitol. And if you want to lower the freezing point further you also can mix in some drops or a teaspoon of vodka; depending on the amount of icecream base you are making.

  7. I made the fruit version with 30G Condensed Coconut Milk, 120 G Strawberry, 120 G Ice, 80 G Water, 10g corn starch, 3 g guar gum, splash of vanilla and then I froze it for 30 minutes. It turned out pretty good. It came out like a very creamy fruit sorbet, but really good vegan version.