How to Make Lettuce Soup Using Ingredients from the Kitchen Garden – Behind the Scenes Ep 3


Join me in the kitchen at Mapperton, as we make this great English dish, lettuce soup. Featuring fresh produce from the Mapperton kitchen garden, and a little surprise growing along the side of the house! Access these episodes, ad-free, one week earlier, by joining us on Patreon: – you’ll also get exclusive content, posts, photos, recipes, wellbeing tips, yoga practices and merchandise on there! .





  1. Love watching this video.
    I have an aga so I’d like to share info I found out when I first used it.
    It’s always best to start your Dutch oven on the hot plate – after a few minutes of boiling, take the pot off and place it in the simmering oven to finish cooking. This is to conserve heat as your aga loses more heat when the plate covers are up.
    Aga owners say that cooking is
    80% in the oven
    20% on the plates

    Will try this recipe now as I have loads of surplus lettuce 🙂

  2. Hi. This is a great video and recipe for Lettuce soup. If someone hasn’t mentioned it already to you in the comment box I will let you know the reason it was leaking out of the food processor is because the liquid was very hot and the processor was at the full line. I have a processor at home and learned this the hard way. It’s better to use an immersion blender, so keeping all the contents in the cooking pot and then taking that immersion blender that I noticed you had beside your food processor and using that instead. That’s just my tip of the day for you. Take care. Have a good day!

  3. I am sold on the plate warmer!

    Good to know you have taken living in an English estate home seriously. Everyday is an adventure and learning experience. As an American, I study other culture's historical past as a hobby. England does have some grand estates. 😊

  4. You could have them mend the dress to where u keep it open on the arm where it's torn already, kind-of like a tiny cold shoulder . At least that's what we call it here in the US. It would be a modern touch on a classic.

    Or have them put a bit of lace where the hole is would look so cute.

  5. Your dress is beautiful, but you need a slip under it to be historically correct. they are not uncomfortable. My grandmother taught me to cut lettuce to get a second growth.But we're irish famine stock, so keeping food growing is an important part of feeding your family. Where are your clippers? Looks delicious

  6. Out to the garden in a gorgeous vintage white silk dress that obviously needs repairs , donning a pair of wellies coming back to the kitchen to prepare a delicious lettuce but untested soup recipe, still donning the white silk dress but covered with a cooks apron and pureeing in wacky blender, to serve to guests for some kind of council meeting…..PRICELESS COUNTESS, PRICELESS!