How to make Kimbap Keto Recipes | Low Carb Keto Kimbap | Thực đơn keto 7 ngày đơn giản


KETO is a new food trend. KETO is a diet that maximize the intake of fat and minimize the intake of carbon. I think for many people who eats a lot of carbon, this diet would definitely help to reduce the weight. Nevertheless, this kimbap tastes so good.

Making homemade kimbap without rice is incredibly simple. You only need five ingredients and it takes about fifteen minutes from start to finish!

How to make low carb or Kimbap Keto?


– 2 carrot – cut into matchsticks
– 2 cucumber – cut into matchsticks
– 2 eggs
– 1 sausage
– A pinch of sesame seeds
– Pepper
– Salt


– Cut cucumber and carrot into matchsticks
– Place carrots, cucumber, eggs and sausage on the spinach.
– Wrap and roll gently until an inch of seaweed is left.
– With finger dab the last inch of seaweed with water as this will help seal the Kimbap.
– Cut across the roll creating bite size pieces.


– If you want to add, replace, or remove some ingredients, you can! Just keep in mind you should have at least three raw vegetables! And simply enjoy Kimbap as much as I do.
– Rub perilla oil on the outside of the Kimbap so that it is easier to cut and more delicious.
– You can have any kinds of sliced cheese, but you should have unseasoned seaweed sheets. (no seasoned seaweed sheets.)

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