How to make Keto riceless paper for your Vietnamese fresh spring rolls | Original recipe


Here is a recipe many keto Asian lovers have been waiting for!

In this video, learn how to make rice-less paper for your Vietnamese spring rolls! No more lettuce wraps!


2 cup water
2 tbsp grass fed gelatin
1 tsp gum arabic powder
1 tbsp egg whites
1/8 tsp sea salt

Where to buy:
Gum Arabic powder


Here’s another version of the recipe using food grade glycerin. Watch at 3 minute mark:

If you are not familiar with gum Arabic, it is a natural prebiotic and an excellent source of soluble fibre. It is also known as acacia fibre or acacia gum. It is made from the sap of the Acacia Senegal tree, which is native to some parts of Africa, Pakistan, and India.

It is organic, odourless, tasteless and naturally gluten-free. It offers many health benefits such as keeping blood sugars under control, prevent diabetes, promote weight loss, and help with digestive disorders. It can be found in medications for stomach and throat inflammation.

I love using gum Arabic in the kitchen because it can be used as a stabilizer, emulsifier, and thickener. It can naturally enhance the texture of gluten free food and can extend the shelf life of baked products.

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  1. Thanks for the awesome introduction to Arabic gum. This is a fun ingredient to play around with.

    Firstly, the texture is surprisingly authentic to the original product. It is elastic, transparent, chewy. The saltiness is to perfection. It took me more than 24 hours (around 36 hours) but I think I made the layer too thick. The dried texture takes shape and imprint of whatever I used for for molding. I used cling-on wrapper as a mold and my daughter can’t tell if it’s food or plastic 🙂 I used t he bottoms of cheesecake pans; those turned out well. Again, I need to figure out the skills to make these more perfectly. When dried, the edges get hard so I had to cut those off since it takes too long to rehydrate. The wrapper rolled and stick to itself nicely like the original product.

    Secondly, my young daughter loves it. She prefers this version over the original one.
    I’m very pleased with this recipe. Great job, KAF!


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