These Keto “Potatoes” have become a staple in my house. They taste almost identical to normal potatoes, but they have WAY FEWER calories and carbs!! And if you add some ketchup to these, you really can’t even tell the difference. At least I can’t. Enjoy!!

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  1. Thanks for the tip! I've made radishes this way a few times now and they're pretty great! I'll eat them with some ground beef and cheese.
    KEEP the leaves if you buy them bundled (just be sure to wash super well). Cook them with some oil, seasonings, and bacon. They're very good for you!

  2. Thanks for this recipe. This is a recipe you have to try to believe! Turned out delicious and felt like I was eating potatoes. I did season them with an everything bagel seasoning and topped it off with an little parmesano at the end. Good results! Thanks again!

  3. Tried this one Joe and must admit my brain was fooled into believing its potato so long as there was enough salt around the raddish. You my friend are absolutely brilliant and your bread recipe is my daily breakfast. Thanks for the lovely and amazing recipes you so kindly share.

  4. I already knew this about radishes they are so good . You can make potato salad with them to that is taste wonderful and use dukes salad dressing it has no sugar or anything in it to hurt you if you are on a low carb. Peel them and boil them and make yr potato salad just like you would if you used real potatoes 🥔 give a try see what you think. 👍

  5. So after reading all the rhetoric on how much these taste like the “real” potato, I decided to try this recipe. Mind you, I had a really bad radish experience attempting to make keto potato salad .. a disaster and it’s taken me 6 months to get over the remnants/aftertaste of that mess. So I was skeptical , but based on the fact that I use Joes cookbook and have done many of his recipes, which have all been awesome, gave it a go. The verdict? Truly, they really do taste and feel much like the real thing! And as Joe suggests in the video, they are really good dipped in keto ketchup! Not sure why the foil on the bottom of the air fryer works, but it does! Next try is with Rosemary! Thanks again Joe!

    Update: Did this again, but used fresh chopped rosemary (2 tablespoons/10 large radishes) and sprinkled with garlic salt. OMG!!!

  6. Joe!. I 👏THANK👏YOU👏 I am making these RIGHT NOW.. and I legit threw my fork down after the first taste and had to walk off the disbelief!. These are BEYOND.. BEEEYYYOND BOMB!! I'm pretty excited about tonight's simple dinner, wish I could post a picture but these just made it so much better!

  7. This explains why I see them so often at the grocery store. I have only eaten them in salads but will be giving the oven version a try next week. I don't want to get my hopes up because I have not had potatoes since September ! They were a favorite meal of mine. I want this to work.

  8. I made these right after watching this video and they are fantastic! You're right, they're not quite "potatoes," but it's amazing how much the flavor profile changes by air frying the radishes. It's like a completely different vegetable. I had stopped growing traditional radishes in my garden because I'm not a big fan of the hot flavor they provide, instead I switched to the French Breakfast style, which are much milder. However, after making these keto "potatoes" and absolutely loving them, I'm going back to planting these radishes so I can have a regular supply of "potatoes." Thank you!


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