How to make Keto "Corn Syrup", Just 4 ingredients


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  1. I’m coming back from a 40 pound gain after falling off the Keto train 🚂 😩 I’m sugar addicted again but once I get things under control I see this in my future. I’m dying to try those gummy bears 🐻 I’ll be hunting for keto dessert recipes where I can use (kcs) keto corn syrup. @2krazyketos do you think you could do a video of some easy keto treats we could make using (kcs) keto corn syrup? Things like mini muffins or fat bomb type treats? BTW: I love your recipe videos. You explain things easy & get right to the point. Joe, I also love the recommendations you give. Giving us variety and making us think. (The longer I watch you both the more I see just how alike we all are. Joe, I too have little self control when it comes to many food items: & like you Rachel, I can eat a ton! Ashamed? I think not!😂
    I love a good bargain and if I can help it, I don’t ever pay full price for anything. I actually am proud, like you Rachel, when I find a good deal!😃)

  2. I've been working on perfecting a swedish fish type candy, which is a very specific, somewhat elusive texture, but I'm gonna get there =) I'm not real keen on the gummy bear texture, as in the more bouncy/rubbery feel, yet I do realize there is a whole range for what is considered "gummy bear". I would also suggest this for homemade licorice maybe, & actually will be picking that back up later. I absolutely love black licorice, also a tricky one imho. I think this would be good for caramel candy, & possibly even the toffee/cracker candy that's so popular. Great post guys~ thanks!

  3. I have this saved and one day when I have the kitchen to use, then I can make something with this. Thanks again. I haven't had desserts in a long time and don't miss it. When my aunt had her birthday she had some regular non Keto banana pie. I had a spoon of it just to see if it would do anything to my body and it didn't I stopped after that. I couldn't tell anything that was sweet since I have been doing a lot of carnivore for a while. Joe and Rachel's videos rock

  4. I made five different recipes for simple syrup last May while endeavoring to create Keto mint juleps for the Kentucky Derby. Allulose was the only sweetener that did not crystalize at room temperature, and, xanthan gum was the only thickener I had/was familiar with. The final product was useable, but not perfect. Over the past months I have discovered the "miracles of gums" and now have several at my disposal. Thanks for doing the heavy lifting for us! There will be some pecan pie along with those mint juleps in May!