How To Make Keto Cheese Puffs | Keto Cheese Puff Recipe | Keto Popcorn Substitute


These Keto Cheese Puffs are an absolute life saver when it comes to beating the cravings for chips or popcorn. They are very simple to make, and remind me a lot of Cheetos or Moon Cheese. Next time you’re craving that salty, cheesy, crunch give these a try!

Cheese Puff Recipe:

Macros: Consult packaging of your specific cheese. Weigh it before you pop it.

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  1. I'm pretty sure you can dry out the cheese in a dehydrator or an oven at a very low temperature. Also I am pretty sure that you could deep fry the cheese to get it to puff. Kind of like the way they deep fry rice noodles to get them to puff. But the cheese has to be very dry

  2. I am so glad I clicked on your channel!!! I am finding so many recipes I ad destined to try. Am almost 3 years on keto and on maintenance. Always looking for a new recipe and you have awesome ones. I already saved your page on the web to my favorites, follow you on IG and subscribe on YouTube! BTW – Great job!

  3. Can you add the ingredients to your description list? Some if us live in countries where some ingredients are not found. That way we do not have to listen to the video to figure out if we can make this recipe or not! Thanks in advance