How To Make Jamaican Chicken Foot & Pumpkin Soup | Saturday Must | Lesson #91 | Morris Time Cooking


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  1. I like watching your videos an I guess everyone cooks different…but that's not the way chicken foot soup is cooked or maybe that's your way… first you wash the meat an put it in the pot with garlic an the pumpkin because you want the pumpkin to mash out giving the soup colour put the corn in too..when all that is cooked then you can add dumplings an yams then when yams are cook you add vegetables as to not get them to soft an season your pot with noodles escalian thyme an pepper..but that's my way still…but I can't understand how you put dumplings in before meat

  2. From one chef to another, l love your cooking. 1 suggestion though, I would skim off the scum and oil from the chicken foot water and use it in the soup pot. That water is like stock and its rich in collagen which makes the soup gummy. But on a whole everything tun up. Nuff respect from yaad 🇯🇲