Instead of bajra flour ,we can add ragi flour ,bajra ,maize or just rice flour.

We can add green chilli ginger garlic paste .

You can add 1 tbsp of sooji also .

The batter should be of very thin running consistency like that of any liquid.

Some also add curd while making the batter .

You get a lacy [ holes] dosa only if the batter is thin.

You don’t have to pour the batter and rub the batter with the laddle in a circular shape like we do for regular dosas , just pour , tilt and swirl the pan if you want to allow the batter to flow on all sides.

Each time before making the dosa mix the batter well, as the flour settles down.

****After making few dosas the batter becomes thick so add little water to make it thin.[adjust salt after adding extra water].

The flame should be on medium flame and not low while cooking and very hot while pouring the batter.

Instead of adding finely chopped onions in the batter , you can sprinkle over the dosa,

You can also add crushed pepper corns .

Avoid green chilli for kids.

If the dosas are not getting lacy [holes] pattern add little water.

Nonstick pan is a must

Serve immediately when it is hot and crispy.

For masala dosa just add aloo sabji in the center and fold the dosa.


Bajra is rich in magnesium, which helps keep the heart healthy. It has potassium, which dilates blood vessels, allowing blood to flow more easily. This helps reduce overall blood pressure. Bajra also has fibre that helps reduce LDL, or bad, cholestrol. Magnesium helps control the glucose receptors in the body and keep diabetes at bay.
Bajra contains phytic acid, tannins and phenols, all antioxidants which help in preventing ageing and metabolic diseases like heart disease, stroke and cancer. It also contains catechins like quercetin that help keep the kidney and liver functioning properly by excreting the toxins from the body.


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