How to Make FLUFFY SANDWICH BREAD KETO (vegan, high protein, and TASTES like BREAD)


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No eggs, no dairy, no almond flour, no nuts; this is FLUFFY, yeast-risen keto loaf.
“It tastes like bread because it’s made from bread!”
…kind of. lol


This Vegan Keto Sandwich Loaf recipe bakes up like traditional bread and tastes like it too! It has a wonderful toasty aroma, soft and fluffy interior with a thin chewy crust. As a bonus, it’s high in protein and fiber with next to no net carbs. In this video, I will show how to make the keto bread loaf itself, get into details about the ingredients and why each one is used, plus explain the nutrition information with exact numbers.

But WHY vegan keto sandwich bread at all?
I have to stay keto in order to keep my chronic tendonitis symptoms away completely. But I still want to have legit sandwiches sometimes! And if you have your own reasons for keeping it low carb, then I’m happy to help.

By the way, my inspiration for this recipe were the keto buns from my local Save-On-Foods bakery! They are great but expensive so I took the ingredient list, kept the stuff I could buy easily and skipped the ingredients that I couldn’t. Then it was months of adjusting ratios and the baking method until I came out with buns that were even more delicious than the original! And now we have a loaf version as well.

IMPORTANT INGREDIENT NOTE: that I particularly like the Anthony’s brand of Vital Wheat Gluten. I find it has less of the gluten-y aroma compared to Bob’s Red Mill. Also, Anthony’s Oat Fiber has zero net carbs but other brands may have more. Please keep this in mind when sourcing ingredients.

Some people have inquired to the cost and based on the cost of ingredients for me, each batch totals $5.66 (Canadian dollars), working out to 71 cents per two slices. For me, this is about the same or a little more than the cost of good quality regular store-bought bread but significantly less than buying store-bought KETO bread.

There’s a lot of misinformation about what keto is or isn’t. Here’s a simple explanation.

The keto diet helps the body get into ketosis (the state in which the body primarily is burning fat for fuel) and stay in that state with the minimization of net carbs. This bread can easily be a part of a balanced keto diet with its super low carb count.

Recently, I checked the effect of one serving of this bread on my blood glucose with a CGM. It did not raise my blood sugar at all. The line stayed flat as if I was still in a fasted state.

I think the confusion is when some “gurus” on YouTube claim that their grain-free/lectin-free/legume-free/plant-free way is the only way to do keto right. Only YOU can tell what helps put your body in ketosis in a healthy way. NOT these strangers.

*ingredient measurements (final version, not the monster)*
7g instant or traditional dry active yeast (2 1/4 tsp)
7g maple syrup or sugar (1 tsp)
350ml warm water @ 110°F (1 ½ cup)
125g Ground Golden flax meal (1 cup + 2 tbsp)
175g Vital Wheat Gluten (1 cup + 3 tbsp + 1 ½ tsp)
100g Oat Fiber (8 tbsp + 1 ½ tsp PACKED)
7g salt (1 tsp)

If you want the monster, multiply the ingredients by 1.5 lol

NOTE Please measure by weight for best results. I give the volume measurements only as a last resort but it’s really easy to get the ratios wrong if you measure by cups/spoons.


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  1. I tried it twice and followed the instructions. All the ingredients were bought the same day and were not expired or dead (for the yeast). Kneaded by hand for over 20 minutes because the dough was a bit tougher than regular bread. The first time, 2 hours later and it didn't even rise. The bread inside was soft but extremely dense, not fluffy at all and taste wise was bitter. The second time I used 20ml more water, 13gr of instant yeast in the warm water PLUS another 7gr in dry ingredients and I proofed it in the Instant Pot. It did rise ok, not as much as I've seen in your videos, but it did. It came out not so dense inside as the first time, but definitely not fluffy at all. Taste wise, it was exactly the same as the first. Is there a video where you knead this bread by hand and comes out fluffy?? Also, if I use a bread maker what program should I use?

  2. Thank you so much for this! I was diagnosed diabetic a few years ago, and the hardest thing has been avoiding bread. I've tried many different substitutes, like that almond flour and egg microwave bread (which is great for making low-carb frozen waffles but NOT sandwiches,) low carb tortillas (Expensive and not real bread,) and even low-carb bread from the store (Expensive and somehow tastes "off"). I saw this and thought I'd give it a try.
    I'm no baker. But I thought I'd give it a shot and I followed your directions exactly. My whole place smelled great while it baked in the oven. I pulled it out and waited for it to cool. My first thought was, "Holy crap! This is… bread! This is real bread!" It has a really great crust, and the interior was soft, but it had the elasticity like a real loaf of bread and wasn't crumbly at all like almond flour breads I've made before. And the taste is great! I know a lot of people are looking for that super soft white Wonder Bread taste, but I love a nice hearty brown bread, and that's exactly what this is! My favorite thing about it is that I can make a real sandwich again! Not a wrap, but an honest to goodness sandwich! The kind I had when I was a kid. The kind I can make in the morning and take it to work.
    Again, thank you so much for this recipe! You've literally changed my diet!
    And to anyone else reading this who might feel intimidated to try it… I made it! So can you! It's worth it!

  3. I followed your recipe to the letter and it turned out BEAUTIFULLY. The appearance and texture was fantadtic. The taste… not as exciting. Somewhere between wood shavings meets stone dust. Is there anything I can add to the mix to make the flavor more interesting?

  4. it definitely looks bready! I was looking for a high protein bread recipe, if my calculations are correct, factoring in the water/moisture content of the finished bread, it should be 24% protein by weight. that's similar to most types of meats! in a freaking bread loaf!

    I eat ground flaxseed everyday, I put it on my oatmeal, however I am concerned about putting ground flaxseed inside an oven at 205 °C for 40 minutes, flaxseed by weight is 28% polyunsaturated fats and 23% ALA Omega-3 fats, very beneficial and healthy, however these kind of fats breakdown at high temperatures and become harmful and inflammatory. more importantly, the smoking point for flaxseed oil is 107 °C, Oils begin breaking down at temperatures well below their smoking point, at higher temperatures they are definitely breaking down.

    it's a shame really that I can't use flaxseed in baked stuff, I'd love to ..
    I'd really appreciate it if you can recommend a substitute for flaxseeds that'd work well.

    Edit: apparently, according to a baking blog, when baking the loafs internal temperature never exceed 212F/100C unless you bake all of the moisture out of the loaf.
    > Your loaf will hit 212F/100C and plateau at that temperature while it continues browning and baking. It is not like cooking a steak where the temperature will keep increasing if you keep cooking after it hits your desired target.

    However, I still have the same concern, 100 °C is pretty close to the smoking point of cold pressed flaxseed oil, 107 °C.

  5. Made your recipe and I was sooooo happy with the whole process and end results including the taste, texture. Even my husband who’s not low carb or keto liked it. I do like it best slightly toasted. Next time I’m going to use it to make French toast because all the pancake recipes have been a fail for me. Thank you Mary❤️

  6. Curious about what makes this bread recipe processed. Is it the wheat gluten and oats package in the recipe? I buy fresh wheat grains and was curious if I substitute the freshly milled wheat, which does not cause issues for the need of GF. The fresh wheat grains have all the nutrients. It is the processed wheat that causes the issues & therefore people need GF. I am trying to eat low carb without sacrificing the nutrients. It would be great to stay in ketosis though! Also I would ground up fresh oats instead of the product your recipe calls for. I need protein so I was thinking of 1 or 2 eggs. I haven’t been making bread long & am not much of a chemist, so I appreciate your thoughts. I have been making flaxseed bread with eggs and it definitely helps my craving for bread. Thanks in advance for your input! I hope to hear from you! Rachel

  7. This looks great – I am definitely going to try this. I'm not struggling to loose weight at the minute (my Covid project was to sustain a keto diet for the duration – ~95 lbs gone for good) but I have always had bread in my diet and am missing toasted peanut butter sannies, cheese sannies, etc., so this receipe has the potential of being pretty foundational for me. I'm also diabetic so all the fibre will could be a very useful way to keep my bloodsugar down. Thanks!!