How to Make Banana Peel Bacon | Vegan Bacon Recipe | We Tried It


Looking to spice up your holiday season with a unique recipe? Instead of discarding your banana peels, give this oddly delicious banana peel bacon recipe a try! With only required ingredients – bananas and an oven – this vegan dish is quick and easy to make, and definitely worth a shot.

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0:00 Start
0:35 How to flash prep and fry banana peels
2:28 Preparing the vegan banana marinade
3:11 Baking the banana peels
3:52 Banana Peel Bacon Taste Test
4:43 Banana bacon vs real bacon
4:53 Banana BLT Review
5:48 Final Thoughts on Banana Peel Bacon
6:19 Conclusion

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How to Make Banana Peel Bacon | Vegan Bacon Recipe | We Tried It





  1. Thank you for your honesty. I lived for 5 years in central america (Famous banana republics) and not once did i see them use the banana peels as something edible, let alone as bacon.

    i even googled "Uso de las cascaras de bananas" and all results pointed to things like face masks, fertilizer and the closest thing to something edible was a banana peel tea, as a matter of fact most of the serious articles say that you should not eat the bananas peels due to the heavy pesticides that are used in plantations and can't be removed with water and even the US Department of Agriculture intervenes when the amounts of pesticide are higher than the stablished (In other words there is always pesticide residue, safe to consume but only if you want to take that risk).

  2. Why can't you vegans eat veggies normally like the rest of the world? We have so many normal vegetable dishes that has been existing around the world for about 50 years! No need to make food that look or has a similar texture of meat if you truely want to be vegans. No need to eat banana peels like that. Like someone said , they may contain harsh chemicals that won't go away even after cooking.

  3. NO!!!! From someone who owns a banana plantation.. and clearly what you have there is a cavendish banana which is widely exported type of banana to the us. Now since it is exported, we spray TONS of chemicals for it not to ripe on the trip. We also put a special type of medicine on the black tip to make sure of its quality once it hits stores.. BASICALLY, IT IS NOT SAFE TO EAT. I dont know if this vid is for vegans or just out of curiousity but this is a veeeery bad idea. Good luck to your bowels.

    Oh and btw, cooking it or exposing it to heat wont remove the unedible chemicals/medicine we spray on bananas for export.