How To Make Apple Jam Without Sugar| UNSWEETENED Apple Butter Recipe| Sugarfree Jam


How to make apple jam without sugar recipe easy o are you looking for apple jam with jaggery recipe? Unsweetened apple jam recipe is easy, quick, and sugarfree. If you are wondering how to make Apple Jam without sugar at home, go for this easy instant sugarfree apple butter recipe.#applebutterecipe #applejam #quickapplebutter
2-ingredient quick apple butter/jam/sauce (no added sugar) recipe anyone? What is this gluten free dairy free dessert all about?

Well, my dear friends, this is diabetes-friendly apple butter without any added sugar or sweetener. The only 2-ingredient diabetic-friendly apple jam tastes yummier than any storebought jam. Call it apple butter or jam or even applesauce (with a thinner consistency), this is the best thing to enjoy as a diabetic, since there is no artificial sugar or fat here. The sugarfree apple jam is so yummy that I couldn’t resist doing a taste test hundreds of times. Sounds funny, right? Well, do remember to get your hands on overly sweet apples, so cooking will help sugars in apple to get concentrated and the salt and lime juice can bring out the added flavors in the apple jam/butter.
I plan to experiment with it in my bakes soon 🙂 Stay tuned!
PS: The water bowl is only for steaming purpose. Discard it upon opening the cooker.
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  1. I made this jam today but cooked a banana along with the apple and added some chia seeds for some extra fibre. It came out so well and yummy. It’s naturally sweet enough.. thanks Ravneet for all your healthy recipes. Your coffee ice cream is in the fridge now. Hope it turns out well too 🙂
    Do you have any recipe for gluten free baati??