How To Make Any Recipe Keto – Low Carb Recipe Creation Tips


In this video, I show you the formula to making any recipe into a ketogenic recipe, using simple substitutions and using a few simple recipes.
Classic Cupcakes –
Brownies –
Green Chicken Curry –
Carbonara Pasta –
Miracle Noodes (Zero Carb)

My Recipe Book –
My Keto Meal Plan –
My MAIN Camera –
My Second Backup Camera –
My FAVOURITE Lens Ever –
The Lens I am currently using right for EVERYTHING –
The Mic I use –
The stabilizer I use with iPhone :

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  1. Agree with everyone on the music. And explanations were way too long. Long intro etc. But info is great. The info in this video is right on the cusp of teaching people how to cook for themselves AND do it keto. I would pay money to get a short course on this topic ..

  2. For the brownie recipe, a good alternative for Muscavado is Sukrin Gold, i do half a cup granulated and half brown sugar substitute, I get it online from from Perth, via the Sukrin Australia website.
    They have icing sugar( confectioners/powdered sugar), white sugar (granulated/castor sugar) and brown sugar alternatives. They have sugar free syrups , mug cakes and bread substitutes as well. As a baker it's an absolute God send. I add Stevia drops to balance out the cooling effect of the Erythritol, and it doesn't leave a horrid after taste like some other sugar substitutes have.

    I have tried to get sugar alternatives online through Amazon and either they don't ship to Australia or the shipping cost is astronomical. This annoys me so much!! so i am glad i have found the Sukrin Australia website. I am not an affiliate, i just found something that works for me that i love and wanted to share. cheers!!

  3. I love this. I think the same way, kind of a logical way of thinking about recipes or basically anything in general. I Actually just did a video about taking recipes from a cookbook band and trying to switch them up to be ketogenic, so great minds think alike haha 😆✋