How To Make A Homemade Keto Electrolytes SUPER BOOST Drink (2x RECIPE)


A super-easy keto recipe for how to make a keto electrolytes drink – not just one recipe but TWO! These two keto electrolyte drinks are tasty and could not possibly be any easier or quicker to make using regular grocery store items! (NO expensive supplements required!)

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Thanks everyone, Mark 😎





  1. I am good with your recipe except for the food dye. Not so healthy🧐 maybe try flavoring and coloring with something like berry flavored “Vital Reds” or other nutritional supplement powders. Only adds 2grams of carbs and packed with nutritional value😊👍

  2. So are these two types of potassium the same, and which one is more bioavailable to the body? Also where did you get this info? I asked a pharmacist about this before I saw this video. He said under no circumstances was I to ever use no salt as a potassium supplement. Dont ask me why and I was too scared to use it. I work in extreme heat and I'm sick of paying $13 for a bottle of pedialyte!!

  3. Hi mate, thanks for sharing this amazing tip. I am in sydney, and I have started my journey on Intermittent Fasting and gradually worked towards extended 72 hour fasting ( water only, just black coffee, green tea ). On the 3rd day I have been feeling slightly dizzy, nauseous.. I guess its the lack of minerals might have been hurting me. This is exactly what I needed. Is there any specific recommendation when I am water only extended 3 day fast with regards to the amount of salt I should be taking ?


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