How to Finally Make A Salad that Doesn't Suck…


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Salads are something that we all should be eating more of, but what’s holding us back from adding more greens to our diet? Well salads can be very boring, and when food is boring we don’t want to eat it! In this video I will show you my system on how to create a deliciously balanced salad dressing with pretty much anything you have in your pantry and then show you how to build out a salad from scratch that you will actually crave day after day! Come on board the salad train, it’s game changer!

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  1. Very good looking salads BUT it depends on your motivation for eating a salad. If it is to reduce your calorie intake these salads pack the punch of any normal meal. They will calculate out to 500 or 600 calories — not 250 calories like a person who is watching their weight may need. It is WONDERFUL for people who have never struggled with obesity, but loaded salads are loaded with calories.

  2. I love to eat salads when someone else makes them. So much chopping…so I like your system of prepping and storing, which I will definitely try. I love these prepping videos so much. I am so disorganized in the kitchen which I am trying to improve on, and your system will help with that.