How to eat to manage diabetes


Do you know how to manage diabetes through food? As any person living with diabetes knows, a normal life contains challenges that must be managed in order to live safely and happily. Through 4 easy-to-learn tips, Phyllisa Deroze, a patient advocate for type 2 diabetes, shows you how. Learn about meal plans, grocery shopping and how to improve your general well-being when you’re living with diabetes. Click here to read our blog post on diabetes and diet:
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  1. i’m honestly so scared for my mother. my mother is 51 years old, 5’2 and she weighs 154 pounds. i really didn’t think she had to change her way because i thought she was beautiful as is but she didn’t like the way she looks and just recently i found out she has type 2 diabetes. i was so scared for her because no matter how hard she tries, she never loses weight. she’s tried new diets, exercising at the gym and everything but nothing seems to work. i’m truly thinking it’s hopeless but this video was really helping me gain hope.

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  7. I am so glad you took the time to make and post this video, I have more times than not, struggled with the right amount of carbs, I LOVE to cook, bake, grill AND eat. It took some time to manage my food intake, you are right, it is not easy at times, and I have missed my carb count many days, and it is so good to hear, there’s the next day. Thanks again.

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