How to eat soup and bread, dining etiquettes


Small things meke a big difference. Same is the case with dining etiquettes. Whether at home, at office or at a professional dinner, dining etiquettes always help you out your best foot forward. It is well said that “first impression is not the last but the lasting impression.” So let’s know the correct way of having soup and bread. Hope you enjoy this video … Follow me on Instagram Thank you for music “Music:” Creative minds, Tenderness “from” For business enquiries and collaborations write to us at Disclaimer “I cannot gurantee that all of the makeup and skin care products I have shown in the video or recommended will suit you. Please test products on yourself before using. ” Copyright: – “Everything you see in this video is created by me[Lataa Saberwal] unless otherwise stated. Please do not use any photos or content without permission “Hello, I am an Indian actress, a qualified Image consultant and a nutritionist. I believe that every woman / girl has full right to look beautiful regardless of her age, size, shape and color , because you are unique in yourself …. On my channel you will get to watch makeovers, makeup tutorials, inspirational stories, image management lessons, tips on a healthy life and healthy recepies …. Happy watching !!.





  1. For all the people making fun of the video, if you are ever qualified enough for a prestigious job where dining with seniors is one of the rounds, you will regret your cattiness. If you do not want to learn etiquettes, don't click on the video. This was a very informative video which is helpful for people actually looking for dining etiquettes. Thank you Lata ji.

  2. Mam iam 12 years old and I hope so you be like my teacher my friends kash m apse phone call kr just want to talk you please talk to me on this I know you are so busy can you please one time talk to me on YouTube please I will like to imagine. From you heart ❣️ so sorry to take your time lata didi


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