How To Cook & Use Tofu | 5 Easy Recipes


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  1. I am making my son's favorite chocolate pb tofu pie for his last week home before his sophomore year of college. This pie though, is a more grown up version that is right up my alley for my empty nest. Thanks guys.
    All of the recipes look delicious. I always have 5 boxes of tofu in the fridge. Can't wait to try that lemongrass one… i grow lemongrass at home and need more ways to use it.. Yum.

  2. One thing you may want to be aware is to look for NON-GMO and/or Organic types of Tofu. Really enjoyed this video. Just made a batch of Spicy Thai Tofu with veggies and Quinoa the tofu texture was like eating chicken! Thanks so much for sharing and making this video. Saving the video in my library!

  3. whenever i see that you've uploaded a new video, i immediately watch it cause i know it's gonna be awesome 🙂 loved all the tofu hacks! in germany where i live i usually can't find this many different kinds of tofu, if you get lucky there's silken tofu or, in most cases, only regular tofu and you never know (if you don't know the brand) if it's on the firmer or softer side 😀 so you gotta know the brands and how firm they make the tofu. thanks for always being an inspiration 🙂

  4. I've always eaten as much silken tofu as firm and love it straight out of the packet just with a Japanese dressing and spring onions, or dredged in cornflour, for a salt & pepper tofu. If you handle it gently it stays together. But if you have any other savoury silken tofu recipes I'd love to see them, as I don't have a sweet tooth. Great recipes guys.

  5. tHANKYOU I NEeDED THIS VIDEO. IM 15 AND I ALWAYS WASTE MY MAMAS MONEY ON TOFU BUT I THINK ILL BE ABLE TO MAKE IT TASTE NOT-LIKE-CHALK THIS TIME. THANKYOU JASMINE AND CHRISS, also chris is so funny, sometimes I watch your vegan food taste tests when im sad because you guys lighten the room. Thankyou so much for your channel

  6. I’ve made the KFC recipe from you guys about 5 times now — it’s the BEST!

    The last time I made it, I decided to coat the finished fried tofu in a simmered hot sauce & black pepper mixture. OMG. My boyfriend said best hot “boneless chicken” ever.

    Thank you Jasmine & Chris for all you do, keep shining 😊✨❤️