This is the Nigerian Soup you want to serve your in-laws or any other special August visitor if you are a correct Igbotic person. Serve with Pounded Yam, yes, always pounded yam. Ofe Nsala must come with pounded yam biko. Other Nigerian Soups you need in your life: Edikang Ikong Soup: Ofe Owerri: Ogbono Soup: And many more: Ofe Nsala written recipe: Ingredients: – 1 big Catfish (alternative, conger eel: – 8 small pieces white yam (for thickening) – 5 Utazi leaves (Gongronema latifolium) – 2 small seasoning cubes – Small piece of ogiri okpei: – Crayfish – Habanero pepper (to taste) – Salt (if necessary) ❤ Like & Subscribe for more: Click “Show More” or down- arrow for more info about this video. My spice grinder: Buy Krups Coffee Grinder (USA): Buy Krups Coffee Grinder (UK): My Pressure cooker is Fagor, they no longer make this model. Here is a similar one: Amazon US: Amazon UK: Please read the instructions of the pressure cooker and follow it, pressure cookers are safe when you follow the instructions. Watch the following video about everything you need to know about my pressure cooker for: ❤ Buy the All Nigerian Recipes Cookbook ( E-book and Print versions) Click this link for details: ❤ Find me on other Social Media BLOG: FACEBOOK: INSTAGRAM: TWITTER: Nigerian food is yummy! #ofensala #nsalasoup #nigeriansoup.





  1. Most asked questions about OFE NSALA:
    1. Flo, why did you not add uda, uziza, and all the other gbogbotigbo ingredients?
    This is Ofe Nsala, it is NOT pepper soup, neither is it Ji Mmiri Oku for new mums, all those ingredients will make the Ofe Nsala taste like pepper soup or Ji Mmiri Oku, you don't want that.
    Recipe for Ji Mmiri Oku:
    Nigerian Assorted Meat Pepper Soup:

    2. Which other leaf can I use apart from utazi?
    The only other leaf I recommend is spinach. For those that think utazi is too bitter, the bitter taste of the utazi does not come through in this Ofe Nsala because you only add a small quantity. Also the sweet taste of the yam and the taste of the catfish masks any tiny bitter taste you would have felt.

    3. Can I add chicken, beef, goat meat and dry fish to my Ofe Nsala?
    A big fat NO! You just need catfish. Any other addition is Adulterated Ofe Nsala. The reason some people add all other types of meat is to make up for lack of enough catfish. Catfish used to be very expensive (before the days of fishponds and fish farming) so large families added beef and other meats so they didn't have to spend too much on catfish for the whole family. Dry fish is a complete no-no. Remember, this Ofe Nsala is soup from the riverine areas of Anambra state. Fishermen catch the fish and bring it home for Ofe Nsala. Can you catch dry fish from the river? The answer is no. Can you get beef and goat meat from the river? No.

    Do not fear, when I tell you a recipe has an authentic taste, try it first, if you don't like it, then you can keep looking for the recipe that hits the right cords with your tastebuds. Yes, I have the most traditional and authentic Nigerian tastebuds so if I tell you a Nigerian meal has an authentic taste, believe me. I get paid and flown around the world to go and confirm the authentic tastes of meals in Nigerian restaurants! Just like I told you that the only peppersoup ingredient you need is EHU, lots of people have been enjoying the authentic taste of pepper soups that was lost to the so called pepper soup mix.

    All these trying to alter a recipe before you have prepared and tasted the one you saw will rigmarole you into analysis paralysis. 😅😅😅 So bad that you doubting Thomas will never get around to preparing and enjoying the meal with others. PREPARE IT FIRST then we can talk about your observations and how we can tweak the recipe afterwards.


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