How to cook MISO SOUP x3 〜味噌汁三種〜 | easy Japanese home cooking recipe


In my Channel, I show step by step of alternative but authentic Japanese home cooking, which can be made with the ingredients available outside of Japan. In this video, I am cooking three different Miso Soups, each with different types of Miso; one with red/dark Miso, one with mixed Miso and one with white/light Miso. I am also explaining the difference between these Miso. Ingredients for Miso soups For all: Water 1 cup (250 ml) Dashi powder 1/5 Tsp (1 g) Miso 1 Tbsp Tofu 100 g (3.5 oz) Wakame 5 g Eggplant 1/4 Onion 1/2-1 Spinach 50 g Shitake mushroom 2-3 other possible combinations for Miso soups – cabbage & scallion – beansprouts & tofu – daikon & wakame – turnip/radish & its leaves – carrot & pumpkin – potato & onion – sweet potato & nappa cabbage – green beans & shitake – aburaage (fried tofu) & wakame alternative combinations – broccoli & zucchini – tomato & eggs – bacon & asparagus – sausage & corn – tuna & kimchi – avocado & spinach – natto & scallion. You can try other combinations or more than two ingredients together. Kimono Mom on Miso Soup Just one Cookbook on Miso Soup #AuthenticJapaneseHomeCooking #EasyJapaneseFood #MisoSoup .





  1. Never met a miso I didn't like although the darker ones might be a bit of an acquired taste for westerners (and well worth it). I find miso soup to be much easier to make than any American soup I have learned unless you are talking about taking something out of a can. And the bonus (for me) is that miso will keep in the fridge seemingly forever. I have kept some so long it completely dried out, but no matter. I just mix in some water and let it sit for a few days or weeks, stirring occasionally until it reconstitutes itself. A bit of a miracle food in my opinion. And you can make so many other things with miso. I particularly like it in sauces.

  2. I love all the miso soups here on your channel and I would definitely try to make this …
    And btw, can you do a video about the different types of rice in Japan and how to properly cook the rice .. because I love Japanese rice better than any other types of rice …..again l love all your vids and you’re simply the best . Nikki

  3. 1) Is that it? Your instruction makes it look so simple! I think the strainer is a key point.
    The Japanese women make it seem much more complicated, because they make the stock (dashi) from scratch.
    2) Akamiso soup is a must after a kaiten zushi dinner. (Conveyor belt sushi)

  4. I love Miso soup but, it is so expensive because you must buy a large bag of Miso and Seaweed and Dashi.
    I bought light Miso and used it in many dishes , incl salad dressing, noodle sauce , vegetable stir fry even on toast! It is so mild and salty and delicious.
    I am so happy to now make it as soup. TY for the large options for soup. That will make it convenient and fresh with new options. This was a simple video because you kept it basic. That is wonderful for curious beginners.